2022 CFL season open discussion

Welcome to the 2022 CFL season

As teams re-sign players, free agency just around the corner, playing more interdivisional games, Crossover, Thursday night games, Grey Cup in Regina, USFL.....Etc...... open discussion. Have fun, be respectful

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This should get really interesting after Feb. 8.

At the moment I see the West being a pretty tight race. Winnipeg is still the team to beat and I’m sure they’ll look to get some more key pieces locked up, namely Collaros, Lawler, Bighill and Bryant. After that inevitable they will lose a few guys. I see Calgary building on last season’s second half momentum with Begelton giving them a big boost on offence. Sask will be pushing hard to get into the Cup at home and look for them to improve the oline through free agency. Edmonton with Jones should be better at least on defence - could see guys like McCoil or Judge coming over, Arbuckle to me is an upgrade over Cornelius on offence. BC still a question mark, they need to improve on oline and dline. Could see them re- negotiate Reilly for some cap savings.

In the east, Mtl looks like they have a jump on getting guys re- signed. Ham could take a hit if they don’t lock up Evans, and no guarantee Masoli comes back if he in fact isn’t vaccinated. Tor made huge strides last year but again have a lot of free agents pending. Ottawa could be big players in free agency but even if they snag a qb like Evans, still have a lot of upgrades to make on oline, receiver and have some decisions to make with some older players on D.

Should be interesting.


Agree, far too soon to predict any kind of standings, preseason will be a welcome addition and a better indication of who is who in 22. If I were Riders I would push the cap to it's fullest, maybe slightly over the the cap (understanding you may end up with a player on a six week injury at some point saving that money) to ensure they will potentially play in their own GC game. At this time I feel Hamilton has began a mimi rebuild and will push for a home (again, [no reference to the movie] for 2023), not to mention Cats have a tough start, Riders, Stamps & Bombers. Both Toronto and Montreal likely will fight for #1 & 2.
I believe Saskatchewan & Winnipeg will exciting, whoever win the majority games against each other will be #1
Calgary & Edmonton, if Jones is allowed to be Jones, Elks will be #3 as the face each other X4.

I hope BC & Ottawa improve large, the CFL is best when teams are strong,

Most important, I hope all teams can play without crowd restrictions.


Anything can happen between now and June 9th.

Hopefully the COVID numbers can come down along with getting over 90% vaccinated.

Sorry forgot to add in a word.

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And I hope the other 10% of the population that is not vaccinated catches a nice mild asymtomatic Covid variation so that we can crush this nightmare once and for all.

Then maybe life gets back to normal and everyone lives happily ever after. The end.

Oh... and I hope the upcoming CFL season is a doozy. :partying_face:


I would say it will be a better season than 2021 with an actual training camp (evaluation of talent), preseason and a full 18 game schedule.


The COVID numbers will have peaks and valleys but will always be with us. Eventually it’ll be less severe but it’s going to take a while longer.

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I am really wondering if the USFL is going to have any type of impact on the CFL player pool - The USFL is going to need around 400 players the CFL needs about 200 imports - When the Arena League was running in the 1990s there seemed to be a lot of players that ebbed and flowed between the two leagues -

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Yes, regardless if USFL is successful or not, it will have in impact on the CFL in 2022. Below is a copy&paste USFL from Wikipedia...... their season will end mid June.

The 2022 USFL season is the planned inaugural season of the United States Football League (USFL), and the first by a league of that name since the 1985 season of the previous incarnation of the league. Planned to be played from April 16th 2022 to June 2022, it will involve eight teams, and is expected to be played in its entirety in Birmingham, Alabama.

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I think what they pay their players will be very relevant, but apparently no one is saying what that will be. Checking online it says that each team will have 38 roster players and 7 practice squad. They will all make the same and be paid by the league with financial incentives for winning. There will be a “player’s meeting”, or draft as many are calling it, on Feb 22-23. At that time all players will be assigned to teams, or vice versa. Probably more accurately the former, as a player cannot be assigned to a team on February 22-23 unless they have signed a contract before that time. The only qualification for a player to be drafted is that they must have graduated High School by 2020 or earlier.

We will have to see how it plays out, but the league doesn’t look like much of a threat to the CFL at the moment, although employing 400 potential CFL football players can’t be ignored. The league certainly doesn’t appear to be poised to attract any star players based on its business model. I also think it will matter little how exciting the games turn out to be or how many live fans they have. What will matter is whether anyone watches them on TV, and to a lesser extent, whether they attract gamblers probably. Although the USFL shouldn’t be ignored for its potential impact on the CFL, as of now it doesn’t seem like they have come up with a significantly better product than what has ultimately failed in the past.


Calgary had a wretched start last season but finished strong

Ottawa and Edmonton were trainwrecks and have to improve

Otherwise who knows its early

Only regional rivalries for the regular season.

The CFL has to start recognizing threats eg: USFL & XFL because though they both have failed in the past = Both don't go away. However, Im more concerned with XFL because they have the deeper pockets, venues and a Media contacts plus the market & population of the US.

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I heard the guy who owns FOX has access to 20 billion dollars. 2.5 times as much as Redbird. I agree with you that the CFL has to recognize threats, just saying FOX isn't a walk in the park either.

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Agree, both are threats too the CFL, but I diff with you. XFL starts and finishes before CFL begins, no overlap, USFL's playoffs overlaps the start of the CFL.
Even a bigger fear what if they merge in the near future, playing a "Supper Bowl" of some sort into late June. Yikes!


This will be the 4th year that there has been spring football in the USA - AAF > XFL> TSL > USFL - Fox was involved with the XFL and TSL and they decided to start their own league - cut out the middle man - Fox news has a devoted group of followers - if Fox advertises on their own network - not just Fox Sports - they could drive viewers there and not spend much on advertising - then the next year 2023 XFL is coming back - so you will have potentially 16 teams south of the border looking for quarterbacks and other players - you are talking 900 Imports that would stay in the US rather than trek north - granted the CFL only needs 190 or so imports - but it is competition -

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Someone told me that Redbird/XFL is hiring NFL people and ESPN people - at a corporate level - thing that scares me is these people are not going into this blind - they have TV numbers for the last 3 years and are still willing to try spring football - after the AAF and XFL folded they are still coming back again - either they are clinically insane or they think they have a legitimate chance of success -


It will be interesting to see what happens after the Dominion voting systems lawsuit. Fox's bank account may be empty for a while.


Wow, if there is interest for them there are a lot of free agents this year. Calgary and Saskatchewan have a lot of signing to do. You could build a hell of a defence with just the free agents that are available.

Considering that the American Courts move at glacial speed Dominion will be cashing those cheques sometime in 2053 -

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