2022 CFL GCC Divisional Finals

As you all know todays games are in the books with the final scores being:

Montreal 28 Hamilton 17
BC 30 Calgary 16

The scores for the top 8 and two wildcards were as follows:

Aulcee 1-1 -3
Jon 1-1 +3
Papa 1-1 -3
SaskWatch 1-1 -3
CFlukb 2-0 +25
Hometown 1-1 -3
Granny 0-2 -25
60 YearFan 1-1 -3
WeGotTheCup 2-0 +25
AlsFan 1-1 +3

Unfortunately for WeGotTheCup all of the top 8 posted so he was ineligible to move on with his mini perfect week. Also 2-0 were Danone and Mahal. Obviously a tough week for the field that was hard to call.

The following four move on to the divisional finals:

CFlukb 2-0
Aulcee 1-1
Jon 1-1
Papa 1-1

I posted the aggregate above for information purposes only as the aggregate doesn’t matter for the playoffs. Even if it did there would be no difference in the 4 moving on.


Time to make your picks for next week. Only the four who moved on as set out above remain in the running for the Grand Prize, but all are still welcome to post their picks. The top two will advance to the Grey Cup.

Montreal at Toronto
BC at Winnipeg

Both games Sunday, November 13th.

East final at noon Central, 1:00 Eastern, 11:00 Mountain, 10:00 Pacific and 3:00 a.m. somewhere near the Cook Islands.

West final at 3:30 Central etc.

Good luck to all.

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My picks:


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Gg all. Was a fun rookie season. Very excited for next year.

My irrelevant picks for this week.

Montreal. (They looked great in the first half and Trevor Harris still hasn’t had his 90%+ completion percentage playoff game)

Winnipeg (They started strong last week after a bye against a almost full strength BC team. Should be a great game. Also a Homer pick.)

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Even though I am not in , I still make my predictions


Thanks Jon

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A few observations before next week's conference finals:

  1. Montreal made a great move by canning Khari Jones & bringing Noel Thorpe on board. Danny Matches looks like a genius now.
  2. Toronto will give the visiting Als a far tougher match than the skitter-skatter Ticats. My personal betting line is Argos by 6.5
  3. Winnipeg hasn't seen significant action for awhile. Couple different outcomes possible - A. Inclement weather should favor the Bombers, perhaps 7.5 pt favorites & B. Decent weather should balance things out. Can't see Rourke & his able fleet of WRs scoring less than 25 pts. Collaros & Co. have to score more to win. Decent weather betting line - Bombers by 3.5

Bombers vs. Lions should be a legitimate slobbernokker. The winner will no doubt be heavy Grey Cup favorites.
Als vs. Argos will be a test run for continued CFL ball in Toronto. Any crowd under 15,000 will be embarrassing. CFL games used to draw 24,000 to 32,000 routinely in Toronto. Not anymore. Realistically speaking - I really hope they can chip 'n claw over 20,000 to this important CFL event.

It has been 40 years since Edmonton won three straight Cups (Edmonton won 5 in a row), that said I certainly hope the Blue Bombers do win their 3rd Cup in Regina.



Thanks Jon


TOR :woozy_face:
WPG :tired_face:


I'm just happy being the best damn #1 runner upper on this whole damn site, I will focus into my inner third eye :eye: while sitting in the lotus position......Om Ohm Ohmm Ohmm Ohome Home field advantage in the West Winnipeg at Home
And for something completely different Montreal in the East for the absolute first time like in ever.

Good luck all
Thanks as always to everyone involved, workers and participants :heart::canada::football:


Not a bad sunday
2-0 on the picks.
The Villa win (sorry folks for those that dont care, not sorry)
And my first game as manager of my lads soccer team was a 5-0 win. (Again sorry not sorry).

The picks were not easy and i honestly felt i could have been looking at 0-2.

Tough picks again this week.
Reverse chronological order-
And erm blimey
Toronto i think.

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Argo's...........tough call as the Als. are showing some real strength of late
Bombers......Leo's have the new kid on the block....Bombers have the best kids on the block= another trip to the Cup


To whom does Porky bestow the kiss of death on this week? Statistically one of the following 2 teams will bite the dust. TAJ

Winn--Hoping it's this one
Tor--Hoping it's this one, too, but I never get everything I want. You get used to it.


Sorry. I don't see it. IMHO Montreal didn't improve all that much with Machoka running the whole show. The LAST thing I'll call this guy is a genius.

Since my picks don't count for anything I'll pick the 30,000 rabid football fans who show up at the frozen final here in Winnipeg as the winners this weekend. I'll give an honorable mention to the hard working folks who are getting ready to host the Cup in Saskatchewan next week. I know they wanna put on a great show. :smiley: :+1:

Thanks again Jon!


BC - Jinx!


Congrats to the 4 moving on in the pool. :clap: And thanks @Abendschan (welcome back), @Capital_Dave, and @Jon for putting this thing together… Definitely more fun than Pick ‘Em. :+1:

My inconsequential picks are:


Cheers all :beers:


Thanks Jon

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Montreal vs. Toronto looks like a dynamic game on paper. Both teams with gunslingers behind centre - and a good flock of WRs. Mystery factor is how Andrew Harris comes back out of the injury chute.
Still think Toronto is a bit too powerful for the game Als - Boatmen by 11.

Wpg vs BC is a fool's errand. Wpg favored due to homefield advantage and holding the Cup for 3 years.
I'm thinking this a dead heat with OT looming - unless Wpg is sluggish out of the gate and Lions can assemble a 15 to 20 pt early game lead before Bombers wake up.
If Lions don't come up with the early lead - I suspect this game will be an offensive slugfest (barring bad weather).
Something like 31-30 or even OT.
Don't think Bombers will be able to dominate a hepped up BC squad with Rourke firing at nearly 90%.

We’ll see if Rourke fires at 90%. That won’t be known until the game is played.

I also think the one thing BC cannot do is fall behind as they did in the first game this year. The Bombers just never allow many second half and especially fourth quarter points in meaningful games so a significant comeback is extremely unlikely to be in the cards.

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All four of our Mensa brained finalists have made their mighty prognostications but I have a question (it's at the bottom of this post):

CFlukb (2-0) picked Tor and Wpg

Aulcee (1-1) picked Mtl and Wpg

Jon (1-1) picked Tor and Wpg

Papa (1-1) picked Tor and Wpg

Only Aulcee picked Montreal this week. If he's right he moves into a first place tie with CFlukb. But if he's wrong he drops out and it's a three man race to the finish with CFlukb leading the way.

If that happens Jon and Papa will HAVE to wait until CFlukb makes his final pick... because they'll HAVE to pick differently.

My question is: In the event of a tie does the number in brackets for the regular season determine the winner?