2022 CBA Thread

Apparently the 49% came from the PA's side.

It was a compromise since the league wanted a full naturalized Canadian, the PA wanted none of it so next year we essentially have 2 halves which make a whole.

I have never believed that the existing rule of 7 starters was ever really enforced other than at the beginning of the game and start of 2nd half..
I'm going to just go along with now it will be 6 Canadian starters in 2023.

PA came up with the 49% so they could tell their membership that there would still be 7 Canadian starters in the new CBA. Members were not even going to vote on owner's 6+1 proposal. Since owners refused to retain old rule of 7 fulltime Canadian starters, the 2 sides had to come up with a creative solution. Otherwise, there was going to be an impasse and games lost.



So there will be a warning when nearing max usage. There has to be electronics involved. If it goes to a cell phone it could be confusing if there was also a warning from the carrier that you are nearing maximum data usage.

Since it is made by Ronco I am assuming that it slices and dices as well.


Well I am thankful, and we were bantering about this idea in the prior off-season as we anticipated maybe a summer start on time in 2021, that the new season starts in EARLY June and is afforded to start even earlier via the new CBA.

RIGHT NOW in particular it is prudent because as we see happening in some spots in the US and locally where I live here in Greater Philadelphia, though it is spotty not widespread, there is a resurgence of you know what.

With an earlier start we have a bigger buffer for rescheduling of any games unlike in the 2021 season when the start dragged out way too late instead of before other waves hit.

Progress, as in action on the ground, is far more important than perfection right now.

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For sure. Imagine a player thinking, "Hey man! I'm a 49%er!" :roll_eyes:

Feel free to imagine the reactions of any given gesticulation or dry heave in response to this sort of scheme. :face_vomiting:

I sincerely hope that you are correct about this.

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Makes me laugh but....Nascar was still doing backup scoring with paper, pencil, and stopwatch at the turn of the century. Just in case the electronic system failed....

That and they never caught Hamilton until the end of the season when another team complained last season....

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This is an interesting case that the legal sorts here might be interested involving an injury to a former CFL player, Chris McCoy.


This thread can now officially die :skull_and_crossbones:




Ratification bonuses should not be allowed. How more obvious can you be about buying votes?

It is what it is and shows what is important to the players. All about now and why not.

And like Frankenstein, the thread is ALIVE! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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The league had to compensate the players for participating in the vote. There would've been a low turn out if there wasn't a payment.

The USFL voted for certification of a union with only less than 30% of the players voting. Looks like some groups aren't in favor of a union

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Unfortunately much like in the CFL a lot of guys just view these leagues as brief stopovers until they reach the bright lights and big bucks of the NFL so they don’t even bother to get involved in the process one way or another. It’s sad because for the vast majority this is the end of the line for their playing career so they should do as much as they can to improve their situation


Didn't want to start a new thread.

Wouldn't jersey sales count as league revenue? I was under the impression the PA gets 25 and eventually up to 30% of new revenue and a 3rd party auditor have been agreed upon so the players should be getting money from this

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I think Geno is looking to cash in personally on his name
What happened to the old saying
"it's not the name on the back that counts,
It's the name(logo) on the front."


I'm with Lewis on this one. Sales of generic Als jerseys should go into general revenues. But revenues generated from jerseys with a particular player's name on it should be shared directly with that player.