2022 CBA Thread

Just try booking Winnipeg stadium. Infrastructure is the key to the whole program.

I’m sure it can be done. The stadium needs revenue to

I'm a little late to celebration (spending time with my lovely wife) of the ratification of the CBA.
I brought the fireworks.


Now let's hope the owners sign. :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:


And no more spelling color and words like that with an ou.

You would be dealing with Wade Miller who has two of the three controlling votes for IGF stadium.

Speaking of which how come all the people that wanted to see the worlds greatest athletes did not buck up the measly $250 to go watch Wade's NFL exhibition game. Lucky he had the guy from Saskatoon to throw under the bus.

Funny I thought the one they turned down was better for the Canadians but I'm just glad its over.

Unless it says CFL on it: football or not it does not help market the CFL game.

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With that type of thinking though, why would the CFL even embark on an initiative like this? Obviously an initiative like this tells me "football is football" at least to a large extent.


My pals played with both NFL and CFL balls when I was a kid AND we're all CFL fans. The logo on the ball didn't matter. It was always the nicest broken in ball that got the most use. Usually it was a well worn J5V and believe me, my hands were greatful. Brand new balls were always too hard to enjoy, especially on a cold day. Ever fall on a fully inflated ball that just came out of the box? My dad's law partner broke his ribs doing that while diving for pass back in the 1970's. We'd just finished blowing up my minty fresh CFL J5V with a bike pump when he suddenly jumped up and yelled "I'm open!!!"

I threw it low and away (wasn't used to it yet) and he dove like a teenager... then he stayed down clutching his side while more appropriately cursing like a middle aged attorney. :grin:


When we played pick-up football we often argued whether we'd use 3 or 4 downs, most of us watched both CFL and NFL as well.


Sometimes it came down to how big the field was that day. If the baseball diamonds were in use we had to move waaay over and use a smaller piece of the school yard by the road. Then we'd go 5 downs to the field (six if no one scored). :grin:

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:shushing_face: CFL will steal that idea now.

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Similar memories from my youth. My new J5V felt heavy at first, where as the new NFL ball I bought didn't. ( I got both in the same year) All psychological I'm sure.
The J5V seemed a bit harder to grip, but we'd kick that J5V like a rented mule (don't kick mules). My neighbor would routinely kick it 40 to 50 yards. He was a soccer player though, and he would kick that ball in any weather. It saw a lot of snow. :smiley: And I was always there to catch it. Painful as it was when it was freezing, but I did have an excuse to wear gloves.


Our variation of the game was you were down at the point of catch. No tag no pulling flags. If you ran the ball you had to gain 10 yards without touch or it was no gain, and the ball was spotted at previous point. It worked for us. three downs.


Thank goodness for artificial intelligence and modern computers to track all of this. Hopefully they won't need quantum computers though to keep track, my understanding is this technology isn't quite ready for prime time as of yet.

So minimun 4th year on same team or 6thyear in the League

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Yeah, there has been conflicting information on how many years serviced qualifies.

As for the concern about the 49%, somebody must already have been tracking player snaps because there are clauses in contracts whose bonuses are applied only if the player takes a certain percentage of snaps.

If teams feel their Canadians are better than the American backups, they are not forced to use the naturalized Canadian at all. In fact, teams can start or have their team with all Canadians because having any American on the roster is not required. The only minimums on a roster are for Canadians and Globals.

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Whoever came up with the original idea for this 49% nonsense - likely someone on ownership side - should get a kick in the footballs.

Imagine having to explain it to one of the new fans the league is trying to attract. Either their head will explode or they'll be rolling on the floor laughing.


They will need the patented Ronco Snapcounterometer