2022 CBA Thread

I dunno. I think these arrangements are usually a fixed lease rate for REAL with an additional percentage of sales, ie. royalties, to the team.

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Hopefully the sides can regroup and hammer out these last points. It doesn't appear they're that far off


No its not "flat out false".

The main sources of revenue for the CFL is gate attendance and a TSN contract.

Most teams barely break even. Where do you expect them to start pulling money out of? Cut it from some charity who's there volunteering their time? Drive more fans away with insanely high gate admission?

We've seen a noticable drop in play since they went to padless practices too. Maybe there would be more revenue if we didnt see "2 yard rush, drop pass, punt" over and over again.


What has been and is most dear to CFL owners is their SETS of books and there is no way that they will ever agree to any clauses that allows the players to go digging in their books. you'd have better luck prying the one ring from Golum.


You suggesting the Riders make money off every slice of Western Pizza sold at the stadium?

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Yes, its true those are the main sources of revenue, but thats not what you said. You said the CFL doesn't have "marketing deals" like other leagues, and they do, its just obviously not worth as much. Thats the only difference.
This myth that most teams "break even" is a joke and completely false. Do you know what the chances are of most teams legitimately "breaking even" is? Almost lottery victory level. The vast majority of teams either make or lose money. Very, very, few will ever "break even." They have money. The community teams that are forced to open their books even at a limited basis show us that. The league even admitted today they are willing to offer each team an increase of $300K per year for the next seven years. Where do you think that money is coming from? Could it just maybe mean that they have it all along? Maybe? How about their refusal to link salaries to league revenues ? Why would you resist that if you were doing so poorly? Also, why do the teams resist having their financials audited by an outside body? Again, if you are in fact doing so poorly, you would be eager to prove it to the players so they would immediately back off their demands, but they don't. I wonder why?

Certainly NOT to the level of the MLB, NFL, NHL or MLB. That's the point...

And I imagine that would come, in part, from a new deal with TSN.

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Correct, not the level of the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, etc.
But their salary cap isn't anywhere near those leagues either. It's proportional.
The NFL makes $1 Billion: the players get $500 million or 50%. The CFL makes $20 million: the players should get $10 million or 50% but they don't. Thats a problem

Lol.. you have half the league not even breaking even (running deficits). Maybe thats why?


LOL no I don't. Never said anything even close to that. In actuality only 1 team is consistently deep in the red, and we all know who that is. There's another 2 that probably hover between losing a little money or making a small amount. And even that is a recent development. 5 years ago, both were making good amount of
money .The rest are making good money. One is making spectacular money (for CFL standards).

The only thing i might consider would be jersey sales. I don't see why the players should be making money off any other merchandise sales. Its not their design. The Riders are community owned and I'd rather see community groups and local businesses recieve a cut than a player who flys in for 5 months and doesn't even stay here in the winter yet demands a cut of someone else's labor. Especially guys that would have no issue jumping ship to the NFL if it presented itself.. give the restaurant owner a better cut of it at least they are putting in the work

Thats another difference... at least if you are a star player on an nfl team you are spending your offseason doing promos and investing in the community. How many players stay here? Then cry about the ratio.. good grief


But without them, those designs mean jack. If I make a really neatly designed t-shirt of Connor McDavid, should he not get a cut of that? It's my design after all.

Thats a great and noble thought, but the money is going to things like bloated management salaries, or scouting trips to Florida with an equally bloated group heading down to Florida for an all expenses paid "scouting trip" :wink: :wink:. That's a joke.
Don't kid yourself, not too many NFL players stay in their cities all year round either. It's a business for them too.

Without the fans buying them these guys are likely not even playing a game for a living.

Huge slap in the face to the fans

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It's really weird. Players on strike being housed and fed by their Employer. Unless there is a quick-within a week- agreement it won't continue for long, even though the Teams have said that they will house and feed the Players during a strike.



Great, but the fans don’t get any significant money either. Just a small group of guys in “old boys club” who take in ridiculous salaries and live like they’re CEO’s at Google. How is that better than sharing more with the people who can actually grow the league?

Pretty sure the individuals who own cfl teams are rich in spite of the CFL, not because of it.


Farhan Lalji said if the Revenue Sharing part is not fixed to the satisfaction of the Players Association, the PA would want the new CBA to last 5 years instead of 7.

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That’s correct. And that’s important how or relevant in what way again?

I suspect that's what we'll end up with. This is my guess:

-5-year deal

-no padded practices (or at least fewer than the 12 the league is reportedly asking for)

-"selected buckets" of revenue sharing remain, but there is some auditing done for the PA