2022 CBA Thread

OK Cupid CFL? Maybe they can get their 2.0 partners overseas to help with that cause. #90 Day Fiance CFL Edition.

I’m pretty sure that the players find lots of “spouses” each year.

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Yes. As I said above they may get some revenue off lease (as does REAL and community volunteer groups) but they are still privately run. I.e they dont get a cut off every slice of pizza sold at the game.

Probably some revenue from coke or Coors to sell their products inside the stadium, but aren't necessarily making money off every pint of beer sold.

At least thats my understanding as I know some of the vendors in there. They also contract with REAL, not the Riders so would become extremely complex to navigate revenue sharing on concessions.

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Ya it’s complicated no doubt.
But since they are making money in at least some form, the players are asking for a cut of that

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And by the looks of it they would be just not directly.

It is a ridiculous ask because the players are essentially trying to determine the contract between the club and other vendors. I imagine some of these vendors are on multi-year fixed leases and would probably have to have their contract renegotiated which theyd have every right to refuse

In an internal CFLPA memo obtained by 3DownNation , the union state they are open to returning to the bargaining table but condemn the league for refusing to negotiate further.

“You have or will receive an email from your Club outlining the League’s spin on the breakdown of bargaining. We had tabled a counter offer to the League’s ‘take it or leave it offer’ this afternoon. Instead of using the time to consider our counter proposals the league, instead took the time to craft the communication you just received. When we returned to the bargaining table the league informed us they are walking away from the bargaining table and that they would be communicating directly to you. This is an aggressive and crass effort to try to undermine your Players’ Association Bargaining Committee.

They have effectively instigated an unnecessary work stoppage by acting in such an authoritarian manner.

We are preparing a complete report updating you on the progress we have made and the outstanding issues we wanted to resolve across the table. You will see that these outstanding issues are easily resolved but the league chose instead to walk away from the bargaining table and try to interfere in our internal structure.

At the outset of these negotiations, we identified several key issues that had to be addressed:

Extended Rehabilitation
Improved Safety
Contract Security and Continuity
True Revenue Sharing
Improved Compensation

The League’s aggressive final offer either did not sufficiently address the above issues or, in some cases, moved us backwards on them.

We expressed our regret at the league’s decision and told them we are ready to return to the table whenever they are prepared to negotiate in good faith.

In Solidarity,
Your CFL Players’ Association”


And to your great point, well now on with the PA's proposal in public so maybe we are back on track to resume talks on Monday?

I think it would be good for both sides to step aside for Sunday given how late everything has gone now.

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Here's another point that I feel that is being overlooked.

Sure matters are dragging, but perhaps neither side wanted to dig into the numbers early or give the other side more time to craft a response before the deadline.

And of course this is not a process that will be fixed anytime soon given perhaps such a mutual opportunity to delay the more substantive negotiation.

That was round one folks.

Now the questions that must be asked about actual numbers proposed have been asked.

The CFLPA did not give in at the eleventh hour, as many here had believed they would do, and is being smarter about it.

As this is the first restart of an anticipated full new season since 2019, part of me also thinks that the owners knew well enough to anticipate a response to their proposal and not immediate acceptance.

Don't fall for the usual public show of disappointment on either side with a few fake tears added in perhaps. Some of the hacks and shills for the league push that line too.

Now the real negotiation has begun after some actual numbers are on the table.

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Sorry what? What the heck is cupid cfl?
Its just an idea to help keep players in their cfl cities.

This reminds me of that other thread that went off the rails, like a small few this off-season :smirk: , when I think it was that @Maaax who worked "CFL porn" into the dialogue.

Anyway, change up your hooch or get a new source folks, back on track I hope we go on this one too as I feel we are closer than it appears even though there are some challenging bridges to cross for a deal.

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It was just a joke because your wording made it sound like you wanted the league to help players find spouses (but we all know you meant help players' spouses find jobs).


I think there's allot of truth to the above and yes on 'round one' of the negotiations. Even if it's not the first round, the 'final offer' was simply the last one before the CBA expired.

In the PA memo they mentioned the outstanding issues are easily fixable so perhaps they're not as far apart as they or the media make it out to be.

If they're not that far then they have a decision to make, strike and absorb the costs of sending players home? There's no lockout so they don't have to go anywhere. Take this cool off period too. Paychecks are not going out until next month anyways... there's time for more rounds

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It's not ridiculous at all. If the team is getting revenue from something that is directly tied to football activities; namely games where most of the concession money is earned, whether its a portion of or the team licensing/leasing the rights to another company, the team is only doing so because of the football team and by extension the players who play on them. So they deserve a cut.
Literally in every other professional league, the players get a cut of ALL sports related revenues; not just ones chosen by the teams like they do in the CFL.

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I'm sure if its counted in the team's revenue they are already getting "their cut" anyway through player contracts.

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According to reports that, along with other items such as Grey Cup revenues are NOT included which of course is absolutely absurd. (If those reports are indeed true).

It would be included in the team's bottom line which would be used to pay out the player's salaries.

The CFL is different than other sports leagues in that they arent really getting marketing deals or anything of that nature. The NFL as an example has multiple revenue streams and is a billion dollar business. The CFL isnt anywhere close. Maybe start there as a league?

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Will be in a legal strike position at 12:00 AM EST. Alberta will be later on


No it wouldn't. That is flat out false. It doesn't work like that now, and there's no indication that it would in the future either. Only the PA has made mention that the last proposal didn't include items such as Grey Cup revenues which is a joke if true. And even in the cap escalation, its not tied to any revenues, rather a flat number which is exactly how the owners hoodwinked the players in previous negotiations.

Not getting marketing deals? Again, completely false. The only difference between the CFL and other leagues are numbers. The CFL has the same revenue streams, its just that their streams have a lot less water in them.

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I dunno. I think these arrangements are usually a fixed lease rate for REAL with an additional percentage of sales, ie. royalties, to the team.

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