2022 Blue Jays Season

Jays vs Dodgers World Series, heard it here first.

Bobblehead calendar:

April 9th, George Springer

April 29th, "Bo Flow"

June 1st, Teoscar Hernandez Silver Slugger

July 2nd, Vlad and Dad (Game 1 of a double header)

July 13th, Kevin Gausman. August 13th "Victory Vlad". No pics yet.

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Rogers Centre to get significant renos especially in the lower bowl to give it another 10-15 years of use before Rogers seriously looks at a new stadium:

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Latest World Series betting Odds! :eyes:

Bluejays 2nd behind Dodgers! :+1:

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Man am I glad I didn't give up in the 3rd inning. :sweat_smile: The real unsung hero of this game was the bloke in the crowd that whipped out the rally cap down 7-0 in the 4th. It was all him guys, we owe him everything.

The new jumbotron and multicoloured lights are interesting I guess, but I'd prefer cheaper tickets or food. :confused: Grass too, of course.

Mic'd up umpires for replays could prove to be a good change if they say something more than just "Derp, we concluded the guy was safe at first." The arm signals told us as much, give us specific info that we couldn't get from signals.

If I put a grand on the jays, how much would I win, if they did

You on know I get the feeling if it wasn't for the Argos they wouldn't be a Skydome to renovate.

And to think the demand for a domed stadium in Toronto began with the 1982 Grey Cup Final in a rainstorm (key being rain not snow.

Hey, Argo thanks for getting us a new home but in return we will kick you to the curb.

Signed , the Blue Jays (could have used another adjective)

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Vladdy had a night last night at Yankee Stadium!

4 hits - 3 HR, 1 double - having to get stitches in his gashed hand!

[quote="FootbalYouBet, post:5, topic:77184"]

If I put a grand on the jays, how much would I win, if they did


at +900 ...you would win $9,000

Blue Jays are starting the season off fairly well and by the looks of it, people don't mind going to the Rogers Centre at all as a baseball venue, attendance seems to be strong early on in the season.

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…was looking at the early standings and it struck me that even just eight games into the season, 20% of the teams are done, ain’t making the playoffs this year…it’s so weird and you wonder why? What’s the point? I’ve always found that odd….same I guess goes for the NHL, isn’t it like by Christmas if you’re not in a playoff spot your chances of making it into the playoffs is very very slim…not sure if the NBA is similar (don’t follow it enough to know)…just seems weird to me…

Just seems like in football seasons, all teams have a chance even right up to the mid-point, and most leagues have super tight races right up to the last weekend…maybe I’m generalizing too much there…

Anyways, not sure what motivates a ball team this early in the season when they can see their chances of catching a divisional leader is outright impossible…

As I’ve said before, although I love baseball, the game is horribly broken and has been for years. They need a salary cap. Otherwise it is the same 6-8 and even 3-4 teams that seriously contend every year. Even then you can cheat your way to a World Series title and not have it taken away. That is why I admire teams like T Bay and Oakland and Minnesota that make a run every so often on shoe string budgets. You are probably right that it is already clear which teams will have a shot, and if it’s not clear now it should be by the end of May.

Football I think is a little different in that there are less games and with the increased amount of teams making the playoffs in the NFL (and always lots in the CFL) that makes the competition for spots more likely. Football fortunes also rely on one player more than any other team sport so if a QB has a great year or conversely is injured, that can make a huge difference. Tampa Bay is now considered a contender again, but they wouldn’t be if Brady had stayed retired.

You are also correct that the chances of making the NHL playoffs are minimal for those outside of the line by Xmas, certainly by the new year and even very difficult, according to the numbers, if you are out on December 1st. There are exceptions like the Blues going from last at the beginning of January in 2018 to winning the Cup. There are also teams like this years Jets that were inside the playoff line into December but won’t make it. In hockey and baseball there are more games, so even if a top team is upset in any given game it has less impact on the standings than it does in football. It is also easier in football to upset a better team because of turnovers and to a lesser extent penalties, I would say.

Yes, haven't analyzed this at all but what you say and R&W seems spot-on from the top of my head. But you know, the Habs are a major disapointment this year and sure they boo their team here and there but with the crap team they have this year, well not crap but just not all that great, you see the die-hards last night, a fair portion in Habs sweaters, standing for Carey Price with his return to the ice. Those are the best fans, the season sucks with the team out of the playoffs but they are there, well the season ticket holders may as well go since they paid up :wink: but this is the nice part about pro sports I'd say from a fans perspective. A lot more about just the game, it's what Price has been through personally and coming back and just love for the team overall.

I always liked Carey but it looks like he may be done. Either retirement or a trade to a contender as he certain doesn’t have enough time left to wait for Montreal to become a contender.

As a Winnipegger I wouldn’t say that Montreal has the best fans, but then probably anyone living in an NHL city might think that their team has the best fans. I know we have the loudest (and in CFL too).

He might be done, not sure how he feels about being in Montreal and how much of it is his mind or his body.

Not good news :frowning:

Hopefully it's caught early, have a quick recovery and be back in the booth very soon

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Bad news for sure
Cancer Sucks

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I consider him the best broadcaster the Blue Jays ever have.(CTV, CBC, TSN, SN)


This is what a classy sports fan does, an example, they put their love of the team on the shelf and think of the broader picture. Good on this Blue Jays fan:


Great act of kindness .

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Really, this is what all adults should be doing( unless you have your own kids or grandkids to give it to)
Get a ball or a puck in the stands, give it to a youngster in the crowd!
Awesome to see! :heart_eyes: