2022 B.C. Lions

We'll know soon about Kenny Lawler.

Also with Masoli and Evans being paid $400,000+ I am curious what Trevor Harris is thinking.

Smart one year play would be for BC to sign Harris and to bring Rourke along slowly.

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Harris, to be at all effective, has to be behind a good offensive line. He is not particularly mobile, and the knock on him has always been that he folds like a cheap tent if pressured (or, as Rod Black would say, "pressurized").

Such being the case, not sure BC is a good fit for him.

True dat but I think some of the O line issues last year were Michael Reilly needing the time for his long pass routes to develop. I thought he rolled out to buy more time more often in 2021 than 2019.

Rourke will be more elusive and help the line in that respect.

Talent is not actually that bad. I think Kent Perkins played well enough that they let Ryker Matthews go back to Hamilton or maybe Sask.

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Read the story with the quote from Ellingson about Harris's accuracy that made me think the market is oversold on him right now. Until last year he was considered an elite and paid accordingly.

Secondary should not be a problem.

Breaux and Purifoy join T.J. Lee, Gary Peters and Marcus Sayles for a pretty solid starting five.

Might be the best in the league.

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With the 2 Nat QB. they have my attention. This will draw media attention nationally.


I like the Whyte and Breaux signings. Not my team but so far the most interesting in Free Agency. Hope it works out

Once they figure out who is who in Ottawa that will be interesting as well. Good day for the CFL. Now if only there was a CBA in place.

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Darn CBAs ruin everything...down with the business side of sports...

Seeing Jacob Firlotte listed on the roster and am very hopeful that he is given a chance. Only 25. Was in Winnipeg's camp a few years back.

Would be a terrific role model for Indigenous sports fans. Home town boy as well.

Did he play Junior ? and what is his position?

His profile says he played for Langley Rams in junior. He's a DB.

Yeah I see that he also played at Queens for 30 games. I really hope he makes it.

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Bombers went with Jeff Hecht

Nice break for Shea Ross to get picked up in BC and hopefully he can make the best of it. Careers are so often dictated by factors not always related to ability.


Lions 2.5 pt favorites over Winnipeg on proline right now. Seems like a good bet.

So pro-line is accepting single game wagers now? whats their limit?

May not have been their best game but it was a big two points. Lions are 4 - 1.

Winnable game in Sask next up.


Good read here

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Drastic improvement from 2019 where they gave up around 60 (feels like 600) sacks, causing Mike (Micheal) Riley to retire after that season.