2022-2023 NHL Season

thats what they get for wearing the wrong uniforms

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Arizona is absurd ... but have also been horribly managed; the move to Glendale was disastrous ... a new arena in Tempe is (IMO) their last chance.

But QC is not the slam dunk it seems ... Winnipeg is bottom 5 in attendance, bottom 6 in operating income and bottom 6 in value ... and QC has a slightly lower metropolitan population than Winnipeg ... and no real commercial base to carry the luxury suites and promotional income needed for a successful franchise ... but most importantly, like Balsillie back in the day with Hamilton the NHL doesn't want to deal with PKP.


I think the Jets operating income is underestimated by Forbes, although certainly since the pandemic it has declined. They sold out every game for 10 years but don’t anymore. Although they do have the smallest capacity they do have the second highest average ticket price in North American sports leagues next to the Leafs.

I don’t know about their value and Forbes probably doesn’t either. They would certainly not be in the top half of the league. It will be interesting to see how much the Senators go for. I think the Jets would be worth that much if not a little more.


I think the Jets operating income is the result of a relative lack of sponsorship and luxury suite revenues as compared to the top 1/2-2/3 of the league (financially) ... QC likley faces the same issues.


Will there ever be the prospect of a larger arena in Winnipeg? Excuse me if that idea would be too far-fetched right now, but otherwise won't there be more growth and interest this decade? I have little doubt, as we can hope life will be again a bit more "normal" in the fall, that the Jets will sell out anew. Or given that you live there, am I off track with such hope?

I think the thing was, the arena they are in was built for the Moose and was within a couple years of being new at the time. It was purposely built to be small enough it would not support an NHL club by the guy who owns the Moose.
I hope at some point they get a new arena.

The problem would be where to put it.....

was there any good hockey games tonight?

Jets won, Oilers won, Pens lost, Flames lost (though they got a loser point), Sharks lost and Phoenix won (though it was over the Hawks).

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I don’t think that a new arena is in the cards any time soon. As stated the rink was built for the Moose for sports and had enough amenities such as luxury boxes to be used for an NHL team which it was. It is, however, jammed into a small space downtown. Not an ideal location but easily accessible via transit. It is a very busy venue for concerts and other events, one of the busiest in Canada. The seating is horribly cramped and the building has zero “finish”. It looks like an underground parking garage in the foyers.

Contrast the location of IG Field on the university campus in the extreme southern end of the city. Ample parking but hard to get to and limited ingress and egress.

In my opinion the best place for both venues would have been in the extreme west end of the city near the horse racing track, Assiniboia Downs. Easily accessible via the Perimeter Highway (Ring Road) from anywhere. Ample land available.

There are no rumblings I am aware of regarding a new arena. It’s not like the richest owner in the NHL couldn’t afford to build a palace from his pocket change, but I believe that is unlikely. Yet as time moves on and the current building ages out there may be hope.


There were several good games, the Jets afternoon game being one of them. The Jets outplayed Nashville but barely made it to OT where they raised their record to a league leading 9-2. They Jets badly outplayed Boston at home the game before but had only a 3-0 loss to show for it.

Calgary choked on a late lead after an impressive comeback to further damage their playoff hopes by falling another point behind the Jets with both having 12 games left. I didn’t realize it until this week but the Jets biggest threat for their playoff spot is Nashville. They are 5 behind the Jets and two behind Calgary but somehow at this stage of the year have three games in hand on both. Still, that makes for a lot of games and wear and tear down the stretch. I think it will be hard for Calgary to oust both of those teams given all of the circumstances.

Meanwhile Ottawa thoroughly outplayed the Leafs (they are getting into playoff mode) but still managed to lose in the 9th round of a shootout. Their playoff hopes are all but a pipe dream now.

Carolina tied their game against Philly with the goalie pulled on a power play with one second left and then won in OT.

The Canucks beat LA in a shootout. I didn’t see the game but considering that Vancouver was outshot 40-17 they were probably fortunate to get those two points.

Overall many good games yesterday.


your reply was better than most sports website summaries LOL

yea i watched the 3rd period and OT/SO of the Canucks-Kings game. Demko was being Bubble Demko again. the Canucks are doing that thing where they make a late season playoff push once they are out of it so they can further distance themselves from a decent draft spot in a deep draft lol


Would that location be accessible via transit?

Yes though it would be a long trip for those in the East end of the city. Unlike the Bomber fan base, however, I don’t think a significant percentage of Jets fans get to games via public transit.

@Eskimos4Ever I should add that Winnipeg is probably the city in Canada that least uses public transit. It is the LA of Canada in that sense. Everything is flat and spread out and most everyone drives everywhere. It is roughly the same size as Vancouver geographically but with only 800,000 people.

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Yup, they have been quietly holding a winning record the last few weeks.

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Good news for the Jets and Flames as the Rangers are up 6-0 over Nashville 15 minutes into the game. That’s one of three games in hand flushed.


An article on how Kadri is not having a very good year and how Sutter has been cutting his ice time accordingly. Last game he centered 4th liners Lucic and Lewis. I haven’t seen much of the Flames this year and didn’t realize how badly he was struggling as the article points out. He is a team worst -15 as the Flames highest paid player. I’m surprised. Perhaps those who follow the Flames have some insight.

(Flames need more from Kadri during playoff push Calgary Flames need more from Nazem Kadri during playoff push | TSN)

The numbers that now put the Senator’s chances of making the playoffs at about 3%.

(By the Numbers: Slumping Senators falling out of playoff picture By the Numbers: Senators falling out of playoff picture | TSN)

A take on the recently woeful Jets, who are at least still in control of their own destiny.

(Jets clinging to final playoff spot: 'You’d rather be in eighth spot than ninth' Struggling Winnipeg Jets clinging to final playoff spot: 'You’d rather be in eighth spot than ninth' | TSN)

Some amazing numbers on the Bruins generational regular season.

(Celebrating the Bruins’ routine, predictable dominance Travis Yost: Celebrating the Boston Bruins’ routine, predictable dominance | TSN)

Not an avid Flames follower but not surprised. Part of his success last season was the same as how some Oilers get pumped up numbers. Sure they play on the 3rd and 4th lines but...with the big minutes McDavid and Draisaitel play they inevitably play together.
Last year Kahdri was fed by Makar, McKinnon et al. All he had to be to score goals was in the right place at the right time. Kahdri is like a Kenny Lindsman - without the skill. He gets guys chasing him rather than doing what they should. That's what worked last season.

Now he's being asked to make plays. He just doesn't do that. I for one thought anyone who signed him long term for big money was making a big mistake.........


Jon - if I am not mistaken you follow the Jets?

After two periods down 3-1, I'm not counting on the Red Wings to put Florida in their place with a comeback, but it looks like quite the playoff atmosphere in Detroit and in Pittsburgh now and go Senators, who are up 1-0 after two periods.

Then later tonight are two late games in Edmonton and in LA that should have a playoff atmosphere as well even though it's those lowly Sharks in Edmonton.