2022-2023 NHL Season

At 23 he's the youngest captain in franchise's history. I'm not sure what he's like in the locker room but I would say solid enough to put the C on him.

With his young age to me this sends a message of patience as they're not going to rush the rebuild and get more pieces to their core over the coming years.


Gallagher and Edmondson were named assistants.

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The Habs are going to go full on re-build
Gallagher will probably be traded

A pretty hefty contract for a guy with only one good year in the league. We’ll see if it pays off. He does look like a pretty good player.

(Blues sign Kyrou to eight-year, $65M extension St. Louis Blues Jordan Kyrou extension NHL - TSN.ca)

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No need to worry. Smith was apparently told not to bother showing up.....for anything. Holland was a little upset he wouldn't take a buyout and told him either take it or just stay home.

I don't think there is a better choice. Noticeable shift in the organization away from some "traditional" things to building a winning hockey team again.


I didn't realise a player has any say in whether the team buys him out?


It appears that Nathan Mackinnon is about to sign a long term deal with the Avalanche. Arguably the most underpaid player in the league, it sounds to me like he will be taking a bit of a home town discount, which will help the budding Avs dynasty. Clearly only McDavid could be sensibly argued to be better than Mackinnon, but even then Mackinnon should earn more than his $12.5 million simply because his deal will be done a few years later. It doesn’t appear that will happen. The link below includes a table of all players earning $10 million or more a season. There are a few that I would say are overpaid.


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This is different! :thinking:

Captain Blake Wheeler stepping aside Or ???


Kopitar and Doughty are getting paid 10+ million because of their past performance. Still great players but they are not playing at the level they were 5 or 6 years ago. They are probably worth about 7 or 8 million a season right now.

Same goes for Tavares and Karlsson.


In addition to what you cite I would add several more to the overpaid list. At least Doughty and Kopitar earned their money. Doughty may still be able to earn it if he recovers fully from injury.

Karlsson has been a huge bust. Tavares is way overpaid and that’s getting worse by the year. I would also say that Matthews and Marner haven’t earned their salaries based on playoff performance and lack of leadership skills, something at least Tavares has a semblance of. Matthews should be docked a million a year just for the pedophile mustache.

Patrick Kane has earned his contract going into year 10, while Toews has not over the last few years. Still he led them to 3 Cups and is perhaps the best NHL captain of the 21st century so it is hard to argue that he was overpaid. Huberdeau’s contract I expect will look like that of Tavares and Toews in a few short years I predict.

Aside from being the backbone of the Habs recent run to the Finals, Price has done nothing to earn his contract and neither has Bobrovsky, who showed last year that despite two Vezinas he does not belong among the Vasilevskys and Shesterkins and Oettingers of the world. Eichel is overpaid so far as well by a mile but he is young and has plenty of term left to change that.

And none of these players are as good as Mackinnon nor were they ever, perhaps Kane coming the closest.

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Didn’t know about this move by my hometown team until you posted it.

This is fabulous! Wheeler and Scheifele (currently an assistant) have rightfully been criticized for their poor leadership skills for some time. Not sure who will emerge but Morrissey (also currently an assistant and a lock for a top 6 spot on any Team Canada) and Brendon Dillon are top candidates. Apparently about a dozen GM’s inquired this off season about prying Dillon away from the team due to his leadership and physicality on the ice.

This also confirms to me that the Jets hired the best coach available in the off season, Trotz excepted. He is one of the best 5 coaches in the league, if not top 3. They are going to need him to sort out last year’s tire fire.

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Bowness is a coach who seems to get the most from his players very consistently. I'm guessing he has everybody's buy in to this plan. Especially Wheeler's.

I think it's a good way to get more "skin in the game" if you will. To be a good small marker team you need teamwork and buy in by everyone so to me, if you can get that core all pulling together and creating accountability and maybe find your next generation of leaders may be whats needed.


All world scumbag Evander Kane has reached a settlement with the Sharks. Unfortunately it appears that he will lose little money and I hate the message that sends in that there is no punishment for ongoing epic misbehavior. This would be like having to pay Marino his full contract.

(Kane, Sharks reach settlement agreement Evander Kane, San Jose Sharks nearing settlement agreement - TSN.ca)


I agree with you because it's called forgery.

Yet then from a legal standpoint, this is hardly the first such matter of this sort in the United States now given recent legal rulings and more evidence coming out.

This is a heavily-contentious matter here in the US now as many, irrespective of wrongdoing as did Kane, are winning in court by simply pressing the issue because current facts either do not corroborate or do not substantiate recent past actions by employers.

To their own fault, many employers also overplayed their hand beyond past law and a few are still trying to do so and being called out on it swiftly and regularly.

I know this matter personally in applying for jobs when certain language is used that is not lawful and potentially discriminatory. It's reported and that's that on job boards because they want no part of it.

There are always plenty of attorneys to take those clients as you all know well here in the US, and so here we are yet again. :roll_eyes:

We have all the more lawsuits and rulings or settlements yet few enduring solutions, which has simply become a larger and vast part of our "American way" and well, I'll go ahead and stop there. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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For interest’s sake below is an article on players who might be statistically expected to have a breakout/rebound season this year.


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Just watching Monday pregame/Sportsdesk.

Bowness said what I did. Get more accountability on a young team with new coaching staff.
It does work. When you have to face the cameras and the questions post game it sure adds to the will to play better and make those happy interviews.


Interesting. A lot of those guys will be changing line mates and playing with better players or just different players. Or guys who gained a ton of experience last year like Puljujarvi. (And in his case please find him a helmet that doesn't look like a Junior size helmet strapped on what looks like an extra large size noggin.)

Dustin Brown is an easy pick to have a better season, if he stays healthy....


The writer of that article is surprisingly uninformed. Dustin Brown retired at the end of the 2022 playoffs ending his stellar 18 year career. There was much fanfare, press conferences, and tributes all over social media. It was even announced that a statue of him would be placed in front of the LA arena and his jersey raised to the rafters in a ceremony later this year.

I don't get how a professional sports writer missed all that. :roll_eyes:

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...at lest I have a mental health issue that affects my memory so I have something of an excuse......


oh yea hockey is back and more than anything im def a fan of watching the leafs lose