2022-2023 NHL Season

What the hell? Now I see that Maaax (a known Bomber fan) has the same Argo's logo.

Did you guys lose a bet or something? :smile:


I lost the bet with Capital Dave. My online buddies and Bomber fans are voluntarily joining me out of solidarity. My penance lasts for one week.

Dave actually said he changed his logo for a short time one year when the Bombers won and that this forum actually displayed the colours of the GC winning team for a period of time in the past. That was before my time.

I actually don’t think it’s a bad idea to recognize the winning team briefly, much as I would have liked the Bombers to win. It’s easier to be magnanimous, however, when your team won the two previous so I wouldn’t expect Ticat fans to necessarily feel the same way and I might not if this was year 29 of the recent Bomber losing streak.


How 'bout dem Bruins?! 15-2 Wo-Hoo!

Peaking early.


Classy move. I doubt any of us Ti-Cat fans could display an Argo logo like that. :smile:


I’m sure you couldn’t. I could display any logo except the red one.


Really???? After this 7 game stretch, the Bruins schedule gets better. Already talk of the Bruins getting Patty Kane from Chicago. I'd go all in on that deal. With that potential trade, the Bruins have the best top 9 in the league, The Bruins would just roll all four lines.

The Bruins have two stud d-men in McAvoy and Lindhom, The best goalie tandem in the NHL with Ullmark and Swayman. The Bruins are playing for each other because this is the Last Dance for Bergeron and Krejci.

The Bruins will be a tough out for any team in the playoffs when all the "experts" thought the Bruins would not make the playoffs


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you guys are funny

The Bruins baby!

It’s early Dave. I’m not making any predictions yet other than saying a team that peaks early often has trouble sustaining it.

Maybe they mortgage their future and get Pat Kane who is so far having the worst year of his career by a mile.

I also wouldn’t count on their unproven goaltending come playoff time. I don’t follow the Bruins specifically. Maybe their goalies have been playing well so far but they are hardly the best in the league and no Vasilevsky or Oettinger or even Hellebuyck. We’ll see how they do in the playoffs. I would be happy if they met the Leafs in the first round again and knocked them out, however, assuming the Leafs even make the playoffs with their top 3 defenceman out long term.

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The Ducks won last night against the Rangers and amazingly it was their first regulation time win in 20 games to start the season, narrowly missing the record set by the Coyotes. I thought that was interesting and didn't realize they hadn't won a regulation game yet.

I also found it interesting, in the context of the discussion about whether the CFL should go head to head with the NFL (I say no) that the NHL has shied away from doing so with no games scheduled for today. There are simply no time slots available without an NFL game on TV today.

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Just sad. Refereeing hit a new low for me yesterday. Oilers shot trickles through the goaltender and the Islanders defence man puts his hand over the puck - lifts his hand to make sure he has the puck and then stuffs it under the goaltender.
Draisaitl catches the guys arm with his stick and as his arm move back the puck comes out from under his glove - with the ref standing over the net.

...followed by a face off so fast they couldn't even show the replay.

Had that happened in Edmonton there would have been a near riot but the cheap calls and crap all happen when they are on the road....

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One of the greats gone too soon. Glad they were able to honour him beforehand.

RIP Borje


OMG. They were just honoring him last week. I doubt anyone expected him to pass away so quickly.

RIP Borje. :cry:


As a young lad I lived in Toronto when Borje started his career with the Leafs. He was always a favourite of mine and a rare “Good Leaf”, along with Davey Keon.

As a young adolescent he also taught me a lot about courage and perseverance in the face of prejudice and bigotry. He faced tons of that and certainly more than most NHL players ever. I believe it was the ever brain dead knuckle dragging Don Cherry who coined the term “Chicken Swede” in reference to Borje. Thanks to pioneers like Salming, among others, the NHL is a better place today with players from all over the world and we are not forced to watch a back alley brawling AHL type league of the 50’s through mid 70’s that those without vision and courage would have us watch if they had their way.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Borje participated in a ceremony at a Leaf’s game and he appeared to be ambulatory to some extent. That leads me to speculate that he may have chosen his own departure time and if so good for him.


I have never heard of this man, but this story was inspiring and thank you for sharing it.

I do know well of the experiences of those who are immigrants and the children of them, as am I.

There are barriers that have to be broken, and such an accomplishment is done only over much time with and without help from others and after multiple mostly quiet failures by many forgotten or unknown.

We keep up that fight for all who are simply just trying to go to work and live in peace.


I fully agree, It is awful to go thru, totally degenerative.
He was walking and standing the week before at his goodbye at the Maple Leaf Game.
He chose his time and went out with the dignity he deserves


Just saw the worst call of the year in the league this year. Dallas tied it with a goal with 19 seconds left with their net empty after Jamie Benn ripped off Hellebuyck’s helmet as the play went on with him sprawled on the ice. Thankfully current first team all star and Norris candidate Josh Morrisey scored a beauty in OT. It was a big game in the tough Central between the two teams vying for first place. Hate to see that crap play into the outcome of any game and Dallas ended up with a free point.

The link below contains video of the disputed goal and Craig Button explaining why he thought it was legitimate. Button got it wrong. I rarely disagree with him. The explanation was that Morrissey knocked Benn into Hellebuyck. While that is dubious in itself as Benn was about to hit him in the head anyway, if that was true then Morrissey should have been given a penalty. Under any scenario play should have been stopped because the goalie had no helmet as is the rule. Play went on for about 3 seconds, which is not permissible when a goalie loses a helmet. To make matters worse Oettinger lost a pad, yes an entire goalie pad fell off his leg ( like the announcers I had never seen that before) earlier in the game. Play was stopped for that relatively minor equipment infraction. I’d rather break my leg than my skull. Click on the video in the link and judge for yourself. I’ve never seen play continue so long after a goalie loses a helmet since the rule was brought in. Robertson’s shot into the empty net could easily have hit him in the head.

To put crazy on top of crazy, there was no mention of Hellebuyck needing to enter concussion protocol after the hit. Apparently he was just “fine”. After all he said so. A major NFL officiating, review and concussion protocol gaffe all rolled into one.