2022-2023 NHL Season

It's Labour Day weekend and NHL Training Camps open soon.

Time to kick off the new thread for an exciting new NHL season. Good luck to everybody and the teams they cheer for.

Go Kings Go. :sunglasses:


No matter which team anyone cheers for, as of now we're all undefeated :slight_smile:


The Jets are going to win! The Jets are going to win!

Uh, no they’re not.


An article on increased scoring in the NHL of late and the possibility of five fifty goal scorers in the league this year. Relatively recently there were several years with none.

(Conditions are right for five 50-goal scorers this NHL season Travis Yost: Conditions are right for five 50-goal scorers this NHL season - TSN.ca)

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Flame On, my friend :joy:


The Pacific Division will be interesting this year. I think the three Canadian teams will all be playoff contenders with Vegas and LA. It should be a really good race.


The change in goalie equipment was no doubt a major factor. The oversized pads and jerseys made it difficult to find seams for snipers to exploit. To score the shot needed to be perfect or the goalie caught out of position on a cross-seam pass. Players were reluctant to shoot unless it was the perfect set-up.

I enjoy a good defensive battle, especially in the playoffs but hopefully the scoring is here to stay and not just an anomoly.


Go Oilers!

As a Kings fan the Oilers now scare me. They might have solved their goaltending issues if Jack Campbell can stay healthy all season.

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Fingers crossed for sure.

depends on if they let Streveler pla

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Correction. They might have solved their regular season goaltending problem. Like Markstrom in Calgary, there is no evidence that Campbell is the man you want between the pipes in the playoffs. The Bruce Boudreau of goaltending.

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Well to be fair to Campbell he has only played in two playoff series in his career. Both with perennial 1st round chokers the Leafs. In the 2021 Playoffs against he Habs, Campbell had a 1.81 GAA and .934 Save %.
As usual the Leafs Big Guns disappeared and left Campbell out to dry.

We'll see how Campbell does with a fresh start in Calgary but I think he will thrive in Sutter's defensive system.

Stats aside, Campbell doesn’t meet my playoff eye test. Neither does Markstrom who was badly outplayed in both of Calgary’s series last year.

On a related note, the best goalie in last year’s playoffs was just re signed by Dallas. He will still be an RFA at the expiry of the 3 year deal. Great for Dallas. This signing has flown under the radar a bit but arguably is just an important a signing as any this off season. I think that Oettinger will likely be battling Shesterkin for the best goalie in the world title once Vasilevsky gives it up. Edmonton or Calgary or Toronto might have won the Cup last year with Oettinger in net. Sorry, did I say Toronto? I forgot that the NHL doesn’t have first round byes like football does.

(Stars sign RFA G Oettinger to three-year deal Dallas Stars Jake Oettinger NHL contract - TSN.ca)

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This is such a welcome development due to all those goalies who, until recently, resembled this guy you know.

Of course I also think more than Mike Smith have to work on proper personal hygiene now.


markstrom is a good regular season goalie, not playoffs. about campbell, his numbers are not that much better than rittich or koskinen. campbell had 4 more wins than koskinen in 4 more games played. and edmonton gives up an average of 3 shots more per game than toronto, and from the slot. so if he plays 50 games for edmonton as opposed to toronto, he will face another 150 shots this season. they could have just kept koski for probably 3M and spent the money on another D or re-signing Mcleod. Now they have to clear up 1.3 plus whatever they want to pay Mcleod and they wont have a full lineup unless they go 11-7 all year. my predicition is that the Oil will have 'injury problems' again this year to evade the cap and stockpile players for the playoffs. Mike Smith who played right until the last drop of the puck all of a sudden is now injured for all of this upcoming season, but will be available for the playoffs. LMAO


In a move that will surprise no one, Carey Price has been placed on LTIR for the upcoming season, freeing $10.5 million in cap space for the Habs. He may have already played his last game.

(Habs to place Price on off-season LTIR Carey Price Montreal Canadiens long-term injured reserve list - TSN.ca)

And Ottawa signs Stutzle to an 8 year $66.8 million contract. I find this interesting as it seems that most players that sign these kind of contracts (Gaudreau, Huberdeau and JT Miller being recent signings) are older. We often say that the contract may have value for X number of years but may become a financial albatross in the latter years. Arguably this is the opposite. Stutzle may not be worth the money at the beginning of the contract (he’s only 20), but may become a bargain as the contract ages. This may turn out to be a really smart move.

(Sens make smart bet on young star Stützle Travis Yost: Ottawa Senators make smart bet on young star Tim Stützle - TSN.ca)

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Interested to hear what Hab fans think about Suzuki being named captain. Probably not anyone else better I’m thinking.

(Canadiens name Suzuki captain Montreal Canadiens Nick Suzuki team captain - TSN.ca)

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Trying to think who else is in their lineup. Petry and Weber are gone. Price is out with injury (and goalie as captain rarely works).

What about Anderson or Gallagher?