2022-10-29 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Toronto Argonauts (6289)

  1. Team Notes ‐ Gm #88 Montreal at Toronto:

 Coaching Changes & Playoffs:
Since 2014 there have been 7 in-season CFL coaching changes (MTL 4, OTT 1, SSK 1, HAM 1). The change made by Montréal in 2022 is the only one of these 7 where the coach to take over (Danny Maciocia) has led his team into the playoffs. Maciocia took over a 1-3 team from Khari Jones and has posted a 7-6 .538 mark. Before that, the last to assume control and make the playoffs was Jim Popp for Montréal in 2013 (6-7 after a 2-3 start).

 Chad Kelly & Dominique Davis:
Are likely to start this game for Toronto and Montréal and they would become the 22nd and 23rd different QB starters in 2022, one more than in 2021 (63 games). Davis has 12 career starts going 4-9.

 Chad Kelly:
Will be making his CFL debut this week, the first to do for Toronto since Dakota Prukop in 2019 and McLeod BethelThompson in 2018. CFL debut starters for Toronto have had great success back to Zach Collaros in 2013 going 4-1. Wins were by Collaros, Trevor Harris, Logan Kilgore & Bethel-Thompson. Only Prukop did not win in his first CFL start.

 Alouettes in the Playoffs: Montréal has now made the playoffs for a 3rd straight season after a span of 4 years without postseason play. Since 2019, the Als are 32-31 .508 versus the 21-51 .292 mark they recorded from 2015 to 2018.

 Another 1-point Argos' win:
Last week's 24-23 clinching win was their second win by just one point in 2022 and 7th time in the last 4 seasons. Their last 3 wins over the Alouettes have been by margins of 1, 1 and 3 points.

 Argos in the Playoffs / #1:
Toronto has now made the playoffs for a 2nd straight season under Ryan Dinwiddie after a 2-year absence and an 8-28 .222 mark across 2018-19. It marks their first back-to-back regular season East titles since 1996-1997.

 11 wins+:
In 2022 the Argos have posted a season with at least 11 wins for the first time since 2013. With a win this week they can reach 12 victories for the first time since 1997 (15-3). They now have consecutive .500+ marks (last time? 2006-07).

 Dinwiddie at home .733:
Under him Toronto has an 11-4 .733 mark at BMO Field.

 McLeod Bethel-Thompson:
May not play this week but if he does 269 passing yards will make him just the 4th Toronto passer to reach the 5,000 yard mark (Doug Flutie, Ricky Ray and Damon Allen). At 4,731 yards he is likely to be the first Toronto passr to lead the CFL since Ricky Ray in 2014 and Kerwin Bell in 1998.

 Kurleigh Gittens Jr. #1:
Leads all Canadian receivers in 2022 with 1,101 yards, his first 1,000-yard season. The last Toronto receiver to lead all Canadians in any season was Bobby Taylor in 1969 with 1,183 yards.

 Turnover/Defence Turnaround:
The Argos were at a Ratio of -5 through 9 games - since then they are a +14. In the first 9
games they allowed 25.6 ppg, since then just 19.6 ppg.

 Jake Wieneke:
Led the entire CFL last week with 121 yards on a season-high 5 receptions and a TD.

 DaVaris Daniels:
Daniels has a streak of 19 straight games with 3+ receptions and a current 53-game reception streak.

 Henoc Muamba 610 DT:
With 75 defensive tackles in 2022 Muamba has now gone reached 610 for his career, #18 all-time.
Rk Player Years Def T
17 Shannon Garrett 2010-2008 638
18 Henoc Muamba 2010-2022 610
18 Kelly Wiltshire 2010-2006 609

 Tyrice Beverette Tackles 55 / 21:
Beverette is #2 in the CFL with 21 ST Tackles but notably also has 55 on defence. He is the first Montréal player to EVER have 50+ Def. Tkls and 20+ ST Tkls in the same season. He has 8 ST Tackles in the last 3 games.

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Heh, none of the angles clearly show his foot landing. Looks like it was probaby touching out, but....

Davis has been impressive so far.

Kelly is not doing badly considering this is really his first action.

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I'm flipping between this game and the Ottawa-Windsor USports game.

Nice to see Brescasin back in the lineup for Toronto and getting that TD. Seems like lots of young Canadians getting action in this game.

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Stanback is also getting some of his mojo back, which is not good for Hamilton and Toronto.

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Like they said on the broadcast there are a lot of young Canadians getting a chance to play today.

I like Kelly. Quite exciting....

Looks like one of the best turnouts for the Argos this season. I wonder why.

Looks like a beautiful afternoon...and hockey season has started so having the Leafs tied with Florida, Buffalo and Ottawa fans want to think about something else.....

Who said this game means nothing....all tied up, with 56 points on the board....

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Kelly is SO much better than MacBeth.

Kelly's 'I hate you and everyone who knows you' scowl is head and shoulders above MacBeths. It gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling.


And Davis is SO much better than Harris. Why aren't the backups the starters and the starters the backups?


No kidding. Next game the starters will be back in of course.

I only saw snippets of the first half but having endured Davis in Winnipeg I am guessing he had the game of his life. His stats were impressive.


Extremely impressive with the exception his one incomplete pass was an interception.
Looks to me like hanging around with Harris is doing him some good. He looks much better technically.