2022-10-22 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Montreal Alouettes (6286)

Toronto Argonauts

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Montreal has to win both of the season-closing back-to-back series with Toronto to take 1st in the East and earn the right to host the East final. They've been playing well of late, so maybe.

The rivarly between these two teams should be much more intense than it is. Hopefully, these next two games will stoke that rivalry some, and maybe set up a heated playoff battle.

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Those 12,000 to 20,000 faithful fans who show up every game for the Argos
ought to get medals (a heated rivalry will do for now). The rest of Toronto can eat my shorts.


5 Reasons to Attend the Als Game

  • We’re playing for first place:

Our win over the Redblacks allowed us to clinch a home playoff date. That means we can’t finish any lower than second in the East Division, but we’re happy settling for that. We want more! The team still has an opportunity to finish in first place, but they must beat the Argonauts on Saturday afternoon in Montreal and then again next week in Toronto.

“We’ll celebrate this win, but make no mistake, we’re not going to be celebrating too long because we can still maximize this regular season,” quarterback Trevor Harris said after the win over Ottawa on Friday night. “We have two games left, and we’d like to be playing at home on Nov. 13th in the nest.”

The East Semi-Final will either be played in Montreal or Toronto on Nov. 6th. The East Final will be played on Nov. 13th.

  • Tickets at $5 for kids on family day:

We’ll be celebrating Family Day at the Stadium on Saturday afternoon! That means that children under 16 years old get into the stadium for just $5. You can’t beat that value! The players continue to mention that they NEED you to show up and make noise when the other team’s offence is on the field. So, why not take advantage of this amazing deal and help your local team succeed on the field?

  • CF18 Plane flyover pregame:

If you’re coming to the stadium, don’t be alarmed if you see the CF 18 fighter jets fly over Percival Molson before the game. There’s nothing like hearing and feeling that roaring sound that comes from the sky when they make an appearance.

Make sure to arrive early to ensure that you don’t miss the fly over. We recommend showing up to the gate at least 30-45 minutes before kick-off (4pm) if you can.

  • Tailgate:

And if you’re going to be showing up early for the fighter jets, you may as well arrive even earlier so that you can check out our tailgate party in the park next to Molson Stadium before the game.

You can grill your own meat on one of our many barbecues that we’ll be providing on site, or you can purchase food and drinks from one of our outdoor concession stands. There will also be plenty games and activities for kids!

If you’re only available to attend the game, that’s okay too, but why not spend an entire day with us at the stadium? You’ll be able to eat, drink and have a blast for the entire day!

  • J. Green is coming back to Montreal:

The Alouettes will welcome S.J. Green back into the nest on Saturday afternoon. The 37-year-old will be making his first return to Montreal since he retired at the end of the 2019 season. Green made outstanding catch after outstanding catch during his 10 years with the Alouettes from 2007 to 2016. He helped the team win back-to-back Grey Cups in 2009 and 201


That’s crazy that Harris is still the Argos leading rusher. Better find a run game soon.

Ouellette is coming along. I think he adds more yards on receptions than Harris did.

1 2022 HARRIS, Andrew TOR 8 114 490 4.3 19 0 9 0
2 2022 OUELLETTE, A.J. TOR 10 84 424 5.0 27 2 11 4

6 2022 OUELLETTE, A.J. TOR 9 35 43 319 263 9.1 28 1 0
8 2022 HARRIS, Andrew TOR 8 23 26 180 144 7.8 18 0 0

Interesting factoid on Montreal:

Looks like perfect symmetry will be destroyed this weekend.


Argos injury report:

Player Name Position Injury TUE WED THU Game Status
Dejon Allen OL Personal DNP
Markeith Ambles WR Personal DNP
Brandon Banks WR Personal Full
Juwan Brescacin WR Healthy Scratch Full
Isiah Cage OL Head Limited
Fabion Foote DL Tricep DNP
Deionte Knight DL Healthy Scratch Full
Shawn Oakman DL Shoulder Full
Robert Priester DB Head DNP
Tigie Sankoh DB Bicep DNP

Alouettes injury report:

Player Name Position Injury TUE WED THU Game Status
Reggie White Jr. WR Knee DNP
Sean Jamieson OL Knee DNP
Zach Lindley DB Hip DNP
Chris Schleuger OL Healthy Scratch Full
Michael Wakefield DL Healthy Scratch Full
Davis Alexander QB Shoulder Limited


– In the latest update of the CFL playoff scenarios, with a win over Montreal in Week 20 the Toronto Argonauts can clinch first play in the East Division and host the Eastern Final on November 13 from BMO Field (CFL.ca).

– With his 5 Takeaways from Week 19, CFL.ca’s Don Landry describes why the Argos offence is like his first car (CFL.ca).

– With their spot in the 2022 CFL playoffs secure, tickets for the Argos playoff game are now on sale (Argonauts.ca).


– The Montreal Alouettes announced on Wednesday that receiver S.J. Green will officially retire as a member of the Alouettes organization. Green will be honoured in front of the Alouettes home crowd during their Week 20 matchup with the Toronto Argonauts from Percival Molson Memorial Stadium on Saturday (CFL.ca).

– Montreal Alouettes linebacker Adarius Pickett has been named among CFL Top performers for Week 19. Against the REDBLACKS he recorded 10 defensive tackles and also forced a fumble that he returned for a 16-yard touchdown (CFL.ca).

MontrealAlouettes.com provides fans with five reason to attend to their final home game of the 2022 regular season, including a flyover, the tailgate party and the added bonus of the Als playing for first place in the East Division (MontrealAlouettes.com).

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make it so

Two of the best in the league going head to head.

Will Peters get more INTs than Lewis gets TDs?

I feel like Harris is subtweeting Calvillo in this interview, lol. We definitely need to establish the run early and not go away from it just because it doesn't work on one or two plays. Between Stanback, Fletcher, and Antwi, we should be able to attack Toronto's defensive front with different running looks and plays.

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Some game notes from Mike Hogan:

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[quote=I really believe we going to do this . One game at a time . But Saturday , our house , we peaking at right time and Stanback ready to rack up yards .

You wouldn't know he's a smart guy by his grammar, would you?

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Plenty of English variants exist where it's perfectly OK to omit the singular present verb: AAVE, various Creoles.

Has nothing to do with intelligence.


I don't doubt his intelligence for a second, but it's not proper English in my world.

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