2022-10-21 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Edmonton Elks (6285)

BC Lions

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cfl.ca seriously needs a proof reader person.

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Can BC punch their ticket to host the West Semi?

Can Edmonton play spoiler? Elks are pretty much just playing for jobs next year.

What can poor Victor Cui do to bring fans back to the stadium for 2023?

Just one fan, but it's a start:

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Answered in order
Heaven only knows

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I'm not so sure heaven knows either.

i wonder if corny will be back for next game.

I think he's already been ruled out with a spleen injury. Tre Ford will start, I believe.

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i knew he had the spleen injury, but i wasn’t aware he was already ruled out. i’m just surprised corny wasn’t concussed. he took a big hit.

IIRC, I saw a Marshall Ferguson tweet about it earlier today....with a clip of the hit, which I had missed. Ouch! Hope he'll be fine for next season.

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holy crap, i didn’t know that about Bledsoe

I don't wish injury on any player so I hope Corny has a full recovery but the Elks need to see what they've got in Ford and maybe even Locksley.


i love that people call him corny. i only do that because i tend not to capitalize in general so when i was typing on my tablet i got the autocorrect changing his name when i tried to type/misspell it and instead of keep backspacing to correct i just went with it always. but i bet most teammates and elks fans call him that too.

and yea i hope he’s ok and recovers well for next season. he has the physical tools, just needs to work on decision making and putting it all together consistently i think. CFL needs more good younger QBs.


– BC Lions quarterback Nathan Rourke continues to work his way back from injury, head coach Rick Campbell confirmed Rourke will not dress this week, but says the goal remains for him to suit up in Week 21 against Winnipeg (BCLions.com).

– CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie sits down with BCLions.com to talk about an exciting season so far in BC, a potential playoff game in Vancouver and continued importance of attracting young fans (BCLions.com).

– The most recent update of the CFL Playoff Scenarios outlines how the Lions can clinch second place in the West Division and host the Western Semi-Final (CFL.ca).


– The Edmonton Elks announced that quarterback Taylor Cornelius is due to miss the team’s final game of the season after suffering a spleen injury in their Week 19 loss to the Toronto Argonauts (CFL.ca).

– Edmonton rookie running back Kevin Brown scored his first career touchdown in the fourth quarter of the Week 19 contest. The first-year back spoke to local Edmonton radio about the moment (GoElks.com).

– As the Elks get set to play their final game of the 2022 season when they host the BC Lions at Commonwealth stadium, the Week 20 meeting will mark Edmonton’s Canadian Armed Forces and Fan Appreciation night, which includes a pre game fly over and fan festivities (GoElks.com).

Lions Injury Report

It says Rourke is out for the game.

Player Name Position Injury TUE WED Game Status
Banks, Josh Defensive Line Pectoral LIMITED LIMITED DOUBTFUL
Breaux Sr., Delvin Defensive Back Ribs LIMITED LIMITED OUT
Edwards- Cooper, Jalon Defensive Back Foot LIMITED LIMITED DOUBTFUL
Greene, Adrian Defensive Back Knee LIMITED FULL
Gwacham, Obum Defensive Line Knee LIMITED LIMITED DOUBTFUL
Hladik, Ben Linebacker Knee LIMITED FULL
Mackie, David Fullback Toe LIMITED LIMITED OUT
Mauger, Quincy Defensive Back Healthy Scratch FULL FULL
Norman, Phil Offensive Line Shoulder DNP DNP OUT
Rourke, Nathan Quarterback Foot LIMITED LIMITED OUT
Villamizar, Mario Fullback Calf LIMITED FULL
Whitehead, Lucky Wide Receiver Ankle DNP DNP OUT

Ho hum, yet another loss for the green and gold. Perfect record stays intact. :roll_eyes:

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Quite sure the EE will be the most improved team next year

I'm hoping the Redblacks can give them a run for that title. A healthy Masoli and/or a full season of Arbuckle should help.