2022-10-15 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. BC Lions (6283)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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Let’s get this started.

My major pre game concern is that I haven’t seen Proulx on the field yet this weekend.

oh wait is this the thread. there is another one. oops
i guess that was the week thread thing my bad

This is the game thread. Dave seems to be posting pre game threads early and then sometimes combining them but this one is the usual one.

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Can you bring the nachos to this thread?

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yea i just noticed

panel is like argos always squeak and win grey cup like that. basically saying it’s always been flawed.

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did collaros even make the trip west? is he backing up?

i looked and he’s listed as third string so i guess he’s dressed

I had my nachos last night. Going to start the game late so I can finish making my fettuccini.

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He’s listed as third on the depth chart so he should dress but not play barring injury disaster. I’m wondering if we’ll see some play time for Dakota as well.

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i am not allowed to have beer til second half at least

oh BOA is on too… must pvr that

I don’t know much about dru brown , but apparently he is calm, cool and collected. His only completion was a 65 yard TD to a Schoen.

Ordinarily this sounds great but I have the flu today.
I’ll follow along as long as I can but this is kicking my behind.


Lions uniforms look good

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i’m sorry to hear this. rest and get well soon!

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i’m watching mute and trying to decide what music to listen to.

my god i need to slow down on the nachos

omg what a return by williams on the kickoff

Rourke sighting on the sidelines

VA running oh yea

Good opening drive for the lions 7-0

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butler yes nice running see they were listening to me lol

damn love those dark unis

Big hit by copper on Bailey

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woah a big hit on that incompletion

Bombers going for it - badass

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