2022-10-15 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Edmonton Elks (6282)

Toronto Argonauts

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First on the game thread woohoo!

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So I've tuned into 630 CHED Radio live and prior to 7:00 PM EST they were talking about Alberta politics. Now there's some old guy talking about insurance coverage problems!

1050 CHUM in Toronto has of course bumped the Argonauts game to carry the Maple Leafs.

So where can I get a radio broadcast of the game?

This is not the first time I've gotten a last minute runaround from promised coverage. Why doesn't the CFL provide coverage info in the little boxes for each game on the CFL site?


is this a good game? i was watching/ surfing hockey and forgot about this game.

3 - 3 this is a hockey score

gang tackle. go elks!

dammit why doesn’t corny run?! RUN THE BALL

Couldn’t get it to a wide open Mitchell either. Not sure how good this game will be. I’ll watch on and off.

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oh that was almost a massive hit on that guy

i have it on mute and listening to music haha

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He almost got killed and I thought he did at first but the defender luckily just hit the ball mostly. Good play not to take a penalty.

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Tom Gazzola- human Chia pet.

that would have been headshot had he connected too. i literally screamed when it happened. he flew right in there like a missile.

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i love running game. i wish teams did more of it. with running qbs. and more wild cat please. but cfl field and rules need yardage. i just get bored of constant 3 and outs because passer happy offence not clicking.

Priester still down after a head shot. Let’s see how the CFL concussion protocol works.


corny prob could have run right to the endzone in that replay.

manny what a catch.

that would have been pi or challenged at least of manny didn’t grab it.

nice run

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OMG what did i just see

a botched trick play turns into a turnover haha

brown is a good runner

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Yep. But Willard’s son pushes them back with a mystery misconduct penalty.

Where is Squishy? His team is playing. And Paolo?

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nice tackle for loss . guy read that play perfectly.

Toronto looking far from sharp so far.

Anyone have any idea what the attendance is? Looks pretty sparse again.

oulette looked hurt there. he is a big dude.
mbt down

good stop by the elks defence.

haha Naylor and Milt ripping mbt and the argos

give brown some love

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Now treat the game as if it starts over 0 - 0 I say.