2022-10-08 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Toronto Argonauts (6277)

BC Lions

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BC at Toronto
Saturday, 4:00 p.m. ET


Last week was not a great showing from the Argonauts on the road in Calgary, only mustering two points. However, their opponent this week was held to 11 the previous week against a stingy Stampeders defence.

Vernon Adams Jr was good in his first showing with the Lions, not great in his second and then had another good game, albeit against the struggling REDBLACKS at BC Place. With Lucky Whitehead potentially joining Bryan Burnham on the injured list, it won’t help Adams to lose another playmaker from the offence.

Bethel-Thompson is one of the best quarterbacks in terms of being able to bounce back from lacklustre performances. The last time McLeod Bethel-Thompson was held below 200 yards passing he came out the next week and threw for over 300 against Winnipeg and the Argos could have (should have) won that game back in Week 4.

The biggest issue for Toronto is trying to establish a run game. It was a little better against Calgary, but they are the worst team in the league in terms of rushing the ball and being one dimensional will soon start to catch up to you.

PICK: TORONTO (25 confidence bonus)

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i just want to see MBT get rocked, preferably by Hladik, Betts or Menard, but any Lion will do…


do you know if they are wearing special pride warm up jerseys or helmet stickers?

I haven't heard anything like that, no.

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while i love the pride acknowledgment of course, i am always a little cringey when organizations attach themselves to RuPaul for the sake of pride. the dude (yes he’s a dude) has said some pretty shitty things about LGBTQ+ people in the past. RuPaul and drag race are hardly representative of the greater LGBTQ+ community and their struggles, and honestly, such association actually reinforces negative stereotypes about us folks. the truth is, most of us can’t stand RuPaul.

a better alternative would be something acknowledging indigenous two spirited and other first nations LGBTQ+ folks considering it’s a time of indigenous reconciliation.

also, pride was two months ago - as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, IMO it seems more like some trendy thing the corporate bigwigs at MLSE conjured up to try to ride on the back of pride to get more younger people interested.


Not that I would object ... as an Als fan I just want to see BC win.


i want a Lions - Als grey cup :grin:

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That would be quite the game. Also, quite the comeback for the Als.
There were a couple of games at the beginning of the season they should have won. Had they, things would be a little different now.
All we can hope for is they are turning a good corner and continue winning.:blush:


I want to be 30 years younger and win the lottery.


ok but some of us are tired of the bombers winning.

I’m not. And I had season tickets since the early 90’s and watched many miserable seasons of constant losing. So I know what the current paper baggers are going through. It usually goes in cycles so I will enjoy it while I can. After almost 30 years of losing revenge is a dish best served up as a threepeat.


i agree with all that, i was just being snarky and it came out too dry

the bombers are the class of the league and until another team steps up to dethrone them, they will continue to be so.

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I would add that when the Bombers do lose that I hope they remain classy.

Maybe I am a glutton for punishment but I supported them without wavering during their lengthy drought. Saskatchewan fans do that as well with their team. Hamilton fans do that but to a lesser extent. They are presently complaining vigorously about their Grey Cup drought and poor showing this season. I say talk to me when it reaches 29 years. They too will have their day one day, just not this year.


i would expect nothing less from coach O’Shea’s team.

Good news for the Argos: