2022-10-07 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6276)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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This by far is the marquee matchup for Week 18. The deciding factor may go to the running backs-Cats Wes Hills and Riders Shaq Cooper. :thinking: May the best team win. :exclamation:

I am looking forward to this game and it would appear to have the most playoff implications, but I think that Argos vs BC tomorrow could be the marquee matchup as those teams are better than the teams playing tonight.

Here's Jamie Nye's outlook:

Saskatchewan at Hamilton
Friday, 7:30 p.m. ET


I’m declaring this one the game of the week in the Canadian Football League as the Roughriders and Tiger-Cats go head-to-head and we will see which team wants the final playoff spot the most.

The Roughriders haven’t been able to win a game east of Regina this season, going 0-4 so far on road trips heading in that direction, so it’s not ideal that their only path to the Grey Cup will be the crossover into the East Division.

However, Cody Fajardo is trying to will this team to victories. While it seems what can go wrong will go wrong for the Roughriders this season, Fajardo is trying to stay positive. The offence is getting healthier up front but they’re now missing their top three running backs coming into this week’s game.

The Riders defence has giving up too many big plays over the last two weeks, and what is clearly lacking is that vaunted pass rush that was the talk of the CFL earlier in the season.

Hamilton comes in after a bye week with plenty of familiar faces looking to get back in the lineup, including Simoni Lawrence. The last time we saw Hamilton was a frustrating loss to Montreal, but the Tiger-Cats are hoping Dane Evans and the offence can rekindle the rhythm they had in that big win over Winnipeg two weeks ago.

The Jekyll and Hyde Tiger-Cats aren’t officially eliminated from the playoffs with a loss, but it certainly feels like a must win for the home side.

PICK: SASKATCHEWAN (0 confidence bonus)


Niagara College Teaching Brewery? I'm in!

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that guy has a cowbell hat lol


All of the Tiger-cats wins have come at home this year so there is a good chance they win. However unlike the Riders coaching staff, Cats coaching staff are not playing for their jobs....so Riders should have an extra edge.

Should be a fun game of two teams with mounds of unrealized potential.

But they should be.

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Mosaic stadium? Stopped reading.


Lol, I hadn't noticed. Well, they can hope all they want.


I was just about to post about that . You beat me to the punch .

Given the way they've played lately, they might have as good a chance if they stay home. At least they won't spike themselves.

Game Notes:

Since 1961, Saskatchewan holds the edge 51-44-4.

But for games in Hamilton, the Tiger-Cats hold the edge 28-19-2.

The last time the two teams played at THF, Hamilton won 24-3.

  1. CFL 2022 Cross‐Over Implications: 
    True 4-Pointer - Playoff Relevance: This game represents the #1 determinant of whether there will be a Western cross-over team in the 2022 East Division playoffs.

Saskatchewan has a far higher chance having 2 more wins than Hamilton but here are the facts and figures with the provision being that a tie after 18 games would go to the Tiger-Cats.

  • A Saskatchewan win would require Hamilton to win out and Sask. to lose their last 2 to give Hamilton 3rd place

  • A Hamilton win would change that to needing just one more win than the Riders to assure 3rd - Hamilton's chances if ...

  1. L vs SSK = 1 in 32, 3% All 5 remaining game results must go their way
  2. W vs SSK = 1 in 8, 12% Only 3 of 5 games must go their way i.e. any combination of 3 HAM wins/SSK losses
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This is the toss up game of the week.

Definitely the toss up game of the week . In fact I've already tossed several times just thinking that one of these two teams are actually going to make the play-offs this year . :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :astonished:


How's your wrist?


Probably in the same shape as yours . :grin:

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Sure, why not?

Two desperate teams, one of which is actually HOSTING THE GREY CUP AND HOPES TO PLAY IN IT.

(hint: it's NOT the team that has the way more delicious sounding stadium name. No one wants a hot cup of Mosaic Crop Enhancement #2 in the morning... at least not anymore. Oh sure we've all TRIED but not even Bailey's Irish Coffee Cream can make that stuff taste any better than fertilizer). :face_with_diagonal_mouth: