2022-10-01 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Edmonton Elks (6274)

Montreal Alouettes

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i’m actually looking forward to this game simply because i’m enjoying watching Corny progress. will be interesting to watch his development now that he has a big contract in his pocket. i also really want the Elks to win at home and break that ugly goose egg. the league needs a successful franchise in Edmonton.

also why is there a duplicate of this thread?

No one knows why but the system produces duplicates all the time. There will be more. The duplicates are deleted by the mods when noticed. I just flagged the duplicate here.

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oh ok, i haven’t notice that yet.

omg the system is cloning like aliens!

hah i flagged the other one.

It can become a problem if they appear close together and people start posting on both threads. They then eventually have to be combined and those following the game aren’t all on the same thread.

still waiting for someone to score

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In Japan it’s 8pm so the game is already over there.

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i wanna see Elks gonna run the table and take the crossover. just because lol :joy:

i at least want the Elks to win at home this year. the fans need it.

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I think it would be cooler to see them go winless at home two years in a row.

you have no idea what is good for football or the league if you think that.

the Elks 0-14 home futility record is actually quite remarkable when you consider how unpredictable CFL football can be. i seriously cannot believe a bounce here and there didn’t go their way at least once.

and no i am not an Elks fan. i am a fan of a healthy and successful CFL.

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Sorry, no sympathy from me. About time Edmonton had some bad teams.


When hasn't Edmonton been in contention in the last 50 years? At what point have they had a nearly 30 year drought?