2022-09-30 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6272)

Got some bottles hidden so to speak.... Can't drink the good stuff all the time or the $$$reserves diminish too fast

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On the golf channel just now there was a commercial for this weekend’s Bucs/Chiefs game on NBC focusing on Tom Brady. Neil Young’s Old Man was the song played over the montage of mostly Brady images.

In that spirit I had to have a listen on you tube, Neil being a Winnipegger and all. Pumped me up for tonight’s game.


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just got my beer for tonight :face_with_spiral_eyes:

i’ll start with the slightly weaker one on the left during the bombers-riders game.

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I recommend you try this...
Made by Cranog Breweries in Sorrento

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oh that looks amazing and will be next on my list :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you for the rec!

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lol watching CFL wired while i figure out my game day eats and all i hear is BLEEEEEEEEP!

Hi All,

Heading over to a sports bar to watch the Bomber’s game before heading into BC Place for the Lions-OTT game!
Go Bombers!


I like Russel's Scotch Ale. They sell it at the Beer Store near me in Ottawa.


i’ve had it too and i like it for when i’m sitting out in the summer evenings. i actually almost got some for tonight, but went darker instead.

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Have fun Dave. Don’t forget to make your NFL Pool picks.

game on!


flaaaag negates it. sask discipline is on target already lol

All the Rider starting oline are in. Dickenson said this is the group he's wanted all year.

3 man rush flushes the QB.

Now that was cool to hear the Metis ref


Yeah I liked that

that was so awesome!

Fitting also that its Sask Vs Wpg on this day, must have been planned.

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hehe yeeeeaaaa

goddamn i’m out of likes again. wonder of mods can top me up. lol

Sounds like a damn good night.

Montcrief sure doesn't cover like a typical LB

I had heard about this beforehand.

He looks a bit like Chazz Palminteri.