2022-09-30 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. BC Lions (6273)

Ottawa Redblacks

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That is a really cool logo


i love that logo. i want a shirt but apparently you can only get one by attending the game. they have hats on the website but i’m not really a ball cap type of girl.

i need a beer for this one i think. yes one beer. ok two if the Lions lose.

i am the lightest of lightweights.

I took a little vacation down Niagara way earlier this week, and I have a few purchases I'm looking forward to tasting.

Got lots of wine, naturally, but I took a time out from the winery tours to visit a brewery perhaps best known for this poor decision:

Needless to say, I didn't buy that particular offering, but I got a couple bottles of each of these:

This 2021 vintage of Fortified was designed to give a deep and intense expression of a classic style. Aged on espresso beans, this beer has notes of rich coffee and oaky vanilla, finishes dry with subtle hints of tobacco and dark chocolate.

ABV: 11.8%

IBU: 25

This 2021 vintage of Fortified is inspired by the Trappist beers made in Belgium. Aged in Canadian whisky barrels from our friends at Forty Creek for 10 months, this beer showcases predominate notes of figs, raison and plums with warming whisky vanilla flavours. Subtle notes of banana and almond are present behind the dark fruit. The beer finishes dry and smooth with a medium body provided by the extending oak aging.

ABV: 8.2**%**

IBU: 20



oh wow, with the exception of that first one (lol) those look delicious. yea generally i tend to only drink micro-brewery dark beer. love espresso bean beer, stouts, and winter porters especially. :beers:

damn how do i get this delivered to vancouver island before game time? :joy:

sigh. i guess i need to make a beer run soon. thankfully the liquor store is a 10 min stumbling distance away…

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ok i just got back for my local booze mart and i got these for tonight:

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Had a small glass of the Espresso Stout with dinner . . . it's a good one.

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i have a feeling i will wish i had a small glass…

first beer is up with dinner. it’s second half of first game so i should be ok if i pace myself :grin:

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booya game on

Farhan on pbp ftw

Battle of the black helmets.

beeeeeer. mmmm, good

wtf tackle that guy

What is it with BC and defending the opening kickoff???

their kick cover teams have sucked all year

Well the defence made up for it.