2022-09-24 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6270)

Toronto Argonauts

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gooooooo redblacks!

oh Ciraco isn’t playing, so could mean some bad snaps and poor protection for whoever Lapolice puts under centre.

can ottawa still catch the argos in the standings? i know if they win they’re tied with cats with a game in hand. i’d love to see the redblacks run the table on the rest of the season, just because lol.

the east division is like a different league.

Both teams have 6 games left and the Argos have 4 more wins than the Redblacks . . . so it is possible. But unlikely.

Another divided-loyalties game for me tonight. The Argos are my team from way back, but it's difficult not get swept up in the crowd cheering on the hometown underdogs.

Oh well, I'll have something to cheer for either way, I guess.

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yea neither is my team (Lions) but i really want the REDBLACKS to have success because the franchise and league needs it. the fans deserve it too. i do think Lapolice hasn’t done a very good job and made some horrible coaching decisions and hasn’t had his team prepared enough. IMO, despite losing Masoli, they should still be better than their record.


With TiCats choking again last night, it’s time for the Argos to play a complete game tonight and sew up the playoff spot that’s there fir the taking. The return of Declan Cross should help both the running and passing games, and if Muamba returns at middle linebacker the defence should be fiercer and more efficient than last game. I expect a tough battle from Ottawa, but the Argos should take this one.

oh yea i forgot about Muamba returning to argos LB.

I’m picking Ottawa.

hah time count violation first play lmao

I would be happy if they just beat out sask to eliminate crossover.

drones on too much. i don’t need to know every players effin college background either

CFL needs a woman play by play and colour persons. not at same time tho.

lol arbuckle suuucks

Not exactly a greasy start

Edit. Mistyped great. So yes it actually is a greasy start. Lol

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goddam you guys type slow

i have to keep waiting lol

battle of the mediocre QBs

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what’s the over / under on these guys throwing picks?

You do know that he had to quit playing because of too many concussions which still affects him. He has very little ego and is extremely approachable to fans. He has been aound the league in some capacity for 40 yrs. He is a staple and I think most are used to him. We have no other play by play person that is even as good, let alone better. Most of us I think can and do overlook his flaws. Specially those of us who have been around longer than he has.