2022-09-17 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Calgary Stampeders (6268)

A lot can still happen in the east and there may not be a crossover at all... or 3 teams tied for second with only one of them making the playoffs.

One win from this point forward would be a godsend...this season is effectively over for the riders...I hope the search is on for a new O-coordinator and a few much-needed O-linemen

is that not what i said... they be lost in the wilderness right now.

I still don't know how he got up and played so well after landing like that.


That sure looked like he could have been badly hurt, but I guess he was lucky not to have landed on any limbs or his head. He must have a strong back.

You know your Riders better than me, although they are generally my second favorite team if the Bombers don’t win. I really did not expect their season to turn into such a tire fire, especially with the Grey Cup in their back yard. As an outsider it appears that they lack leadership from the top down and that includes their head coach. They didn’t do a very good job handling Marino, in my opinion, and I suspect that created some dissension with all the flip flopping.

that was NOT a hard landing...he rolled more than impacted straight into the ground...one fluid motion from upright to a summersault to standing hardly an impact at all with the ground. If it was hard impact, you would have seen a far different outcome.

That is a very wise position. I would suggest that you and other Lion fans tell your coach that there is no need to play Rourke against the Bombers.

But seriously, I hope he does return. If he does then maybe the obvious fact that the real Grey Cup will take place in the Western Final between Winnipeg and BC will finally cause a change to the playoff format that essentially allows an Eastern team a free pass to the big game.

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I dont think Rourke comes back this season.

I do not see the riders winning more than one game the rest of this season... Especially vs the Ticats

You must be right.

I'm just imagining what would happen to me if I had landed like that. There'd be no fluid rolling summersault, I'll tell you. :laughing:

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Me too. If I landed on my back with that kind of SPLAT!!!... the next thing you'd have heard over the loudspeaker is, "Cleanup in isle three... bring a mop."

I just went ass over teakettle on a mountain bike down a steep path. Landed pretty much like that football player in the video... did a roll stood up in one motion and picked up my bike went on... I was told by my nephew it was pretty impressive ... Not a scratch or a bruise on me. Not bad for an old guy like me was I was thinking after the fact


That's when you want drone footage for your Youtube account! :grin:


they should really award the grey cup to the winner of the west final and then just add the actual west-east gc game to next seasons preseason schedule :joy: