2022-09-17 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Calgary Stampeders (6268)

BC Lions

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Let's see if Maier can strike back here.

Oof. Big hit on Carey there.

Ouch, the landing on that hurdle looked painful. But he's got the team rolling on this drive.

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BC moving the ball. Their defence is getting stops too so far.

The new no yards seems to be doing the opposite of what the league said they wanted. Teams are cutting off and pinning the returner more and there are not getting much for returns...

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Heh, looked like nobody want to hold on to that fumble.

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Adams has always played Zoro with the ball in one hand.....

It's been a good tight game so far.

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for a brief second I thought the LIons might have a chance, sigh

Godber has done that a bunch this season....gotta get the ball to the QB, it's job one.

They still do, no?

Maier not exactly lighting it up tonight. 11 of 18 right about 60%.

To be fair half of those misses were strait up drops.

Yup too bad they are leading.....

They definitely look better than they did with Pipkin starting! And they just took the lead again at the end of the third. I thought this game would be higher scoring and the Ticats / Bombers game would be low scoring but we're seeing the opposite here.

Adams looked sharp on that drive. Not so sure about the PI on Calgary but you wouldn't win a challenge against it either.

Sort of funny how nobody is talking about how good the Lions defence is either.

It looked like it could have been called DPI or OPI - receiver Burnham had his hand all over the defenders head too.

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...but it's not likely it would be overturned.

I was just thinking that - they're keeping the team in it - Adams is usually keeping the O on the field long enough for them to get a rest.

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OK drive by Calgary but they chewed up a lot of clock for three points.

great catch .... by rhymes .

Big stop for Calgary keeping it a one score game

Yup. BC had a chance to put it almost out of reach. Still a one score game.