2022-09-16 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6266)

Edmonton Elks

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This is another game where I picked one team in the poll but would be happy to see the other team win. Prove me wrong EE.

I think, looking at the injury reports this is their best chance so far to beat a western team....

(Plus Tre Ford is back......)

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The elk are going to get destroyed tonight.

Tre Ford had his lucky game against Hamilton a long time ago and then got injured in the next game. He's not somebody to worry about tonight.

No, not injured list but how many are weak from food poisoning

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OK, it's not exactly a match between two top teams, but here's a hype video anyway:

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After last week I would think the Elks are not worried. They are used to being destroyed by now!

Elks' fans prefer the term 'culled'. :grinning:

(they're going to get absolutely culled tonight)


I herd about that.


Pretty questionable RTP.....

Agreed. I HATE those calls.

It is football for cripes sake.

Even Suitor questioned that one.

Fajardo is missing wide open reads, and he's back to telegraphing his throws again

Why the late flag? Sure looked like it could have been interference but the ref threw it SOOO late.

That was PI?

Yeah, she threw that really late

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It got stuck in her panties

Only saw it live.

Well. Ok then. IMO it was weak but whatever. Just call them both ways I guess. Sorry Edmonton.