2022-09-10 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6263)

Toronto Argonauts

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I hope - and I think - Arbuckle will embarrass the Argos and MacBeth.


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This could be the game to watch, arbckle seems to have put a bit of a spark in the team, enough to give the argoes all they can handle .

Probably won't even bother to watch this one, 3 games in a day is too many. Maybe others can do it, but most of us have a life. 9 hours in front of a tv? Much as I love football, no thanks.


I hear ya. I find double headers a stretch even. But today I'll be at TD Place. I'll probably miss most of the Banjo Bowl, which sucks. That should be a good one. I'll probably peak in on the Calgary-Edmonton game, but just a bit.


Enjoy the game, hope it's a good one for you, I'm rooting for the home team too. I'll probably put the tv on for this game & peak in on it from time to time before I settle down to watch the other games. That way it at least counts for the tv ratings. :grinning:

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Actually, I'm an Argos fan first and a Redblacks fan second. But I'll be OK with either team winning.

This will be my sixth game at TD Place and so far the Redblacks are 0-5 with me in attendance.

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Same here. I’ll listen to the Banjo Bowl but I’ll just follow the score updates from time to time on the other games.

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Good challenge. About time someone challenged for leading with the helmet into contact....

Man, Toronto has been Bad on first down this drive but amazing on 2nd.

And the that happens.

Would have thought they would run on first down but it worked on second.

I thought Paul LaPolice (aka Plop) was an offensive genius?
Educated guess he'll be leaving ORB in worse shape than he found it. Due to budget constraints (and finding best available head coach) they won't cut Plop loose until the season ends. He'll be OK - he'll either grab a job as a lower-paid OC (if he's got time left on his contract) or a TSN panelist.

Mbt looking good

Dave ... That was a cool promo picture for the Argos ... A for effort .


Redblacks actually clawing back .....

MBT seems to save all his int's for the fourth quarter....

football is my entertainment life

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He has a great football mind but Lapo

cannot game manage at all

that loss was on him .

Should be RTP, lead with his helmet into contact....