2022-09-10 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6264)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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Wow, from hours or minutes late after the game has started to a full day early! Improvement!? :thinking: :smile_cat:

Maybe we should do a pool for how many links for the same game will go up this time?

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Get with the program and check the calendar "CFL System"! Stronger coffee!

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Season series, guarantee home field advantage.....Annnd this gorgeous piece of hardware on the line tomorrow for Winnipeg.




The Riders will not even come close in the rematch! They will have to play straight time just to keep the bombers from scoring less than 50 points. The Riders total lack of line depth on both sides of the ball is their nemesis you have to win in the trenches to be successful, the Riders will be buried in trenches not even a backhoe will be able to save the boys! There is always next year. The lions will clinch third place due to the Riders ineptness and based on the BC-MTL game they won't win another game this year either.


In another article Dick was saying he didn't think his team could win this game, Bombers are just too good. Their only hope is to keep it a one score game and pull out a late win.
I don't think I have ever read this from a coach going into a big game. Is he trying to fire up his players, or has WPG (and the 6 straight wins) gotten to his head?



Yeah, I don;t expect much from the riders in the labour day rematch. Try keep it close looks like their only chance,

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Not going to be close like the last game was... Riders had their chance to win last week... This game is be long and sad for the green faithful

Thats what I thought after the Bombers won a close game against Montreal earlier in the season, the following game didnt go as expected.

Im looking forward to another hard fought game by both teams

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We shall see. Sask's injury report doesn't look good.. down to our 10th olinemen of the year now apparently.

This has to be the most soft team I've ever witnessed. Maybe need to up the calcium intake.. good grief.

No game is ever won during the pregame show, the players, coaches still need to execute.

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Are they hurt? Or just hiding to protect their reputations because they don't want to be judged for being part of this o line?

I am honestly surprised Fajardo isnt in a wheel chair yet.

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The Riders have really only had 1 Olineman (Clark), the rest wouldn't make any other team in the CFL (maybe Bandy as an eighth). Amazing O'Day didn't try and better that group in a Grey Cup year.

We were decimated the year after Covid with Shepley opting for the NFL, Labatte retiring and our American tackles opting not to return. A tough position to rebuild. Even tougher when they don't stay healthy

A bunch of riders are game time decisions after a Winnipeg restaurant gives them food poisoning. Sad.

Really, maybe they should bring back brenden taman, he had the team ready for a home grey cup game. This is getting pathetic.

Lol. Really? If that even is true it’s just revenge for Sask fans going to the bombers hotel in Saskatchewan and keeping them awake before the LDC

And yes I know the food poisoning is true. It’s the allegation I am laughing at.

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