2022-09-09 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Montreal Alouettes (6262)

BC Lions

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Looks like Pipkin is starting and Adams is next man up. Bet Adams worked really hard to get playing time this week.

[quote="Squishy21, post:2, topic:80769"]

Looks like Pipkin is starting and Adams is next man up. Bet Adams worked really hard to get playing time this week.

[/quote]Rick Campbell has said he will play this week. Let's see how it works out.

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Interesting.....at least he has a variety of good receivers in BC. Plus a little run game to go with it.

Hi All,
It appears that my first time getting to see a live CFL game will again come in Vancouver... Going to the BC/OTT game (assuming no covid issues or my rep throwing his back out, etc).

  1. Anyone from this board going to be there?
  2. Wondering if it is inappropriate to wear my Bombers Jersey...
    Go Bombers!

Not going to be there.

BC is a great place to go see a game, very friendly fans. Wear the Bombers Jersey.

BC was the first place outside Edmonton I went to a game. Had a great time. Had a great time on the ferry over to the island too when we ran into the guys we sat next to at the game and they had seats for us on the ferry ride.

Thanks! I am staying in Vancouver (my past trips I stayed in Surrey), so I am looking forward to doing some sight seeing after work each day that I am there. Decided to fly home Saturday morning so I could catch the game Friday night. You don't think I will have any issues wearing the Bombers jersey?
Go Bombers!

You might take a little stick for it but nothing serious.....I very highly doubt anyone will get bent out of shape over it.....

Harris sure panics when someone gets a hand on him doesn't he?

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I would trade pippy for harris 10 days a week

ONLY thing is...He's a straight drop back QB and you need and offence designed for him.....

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Well, that was a wacky play. Hold on to the ball in that situation.

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Montreal is on the verge to blow BC out.
But then perhaps not.

That's been Montreal's season so far......

Punter thought he was going to hit the uprights and it threw his rhythm...

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Wow.. VA cant hit the broad side of a barn

First live reps of the season I think...

The whole team looks out of sorts today.

The wheels have fell off in BC

Lions doing there best ticat impersonation. 3rd string QB; fumbling away; defensive penalties etc.

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