2022-09-05 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6260)

yah I dont think even Ford really knew when trying to analyze it

No kidding. Was as bad a throw as the one the Argo DB just dropped. At least they got called for an obvious forward lateral on the return. Rarely a smart play.

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Heh, try the FG on first down. Please.

Good spot to challenge...that didn't look at all like DPI.....


The refs getting involved and making sure there is offence .

Well, it might well have been the rec fault. But someone misunderstood the route called.

I don’t think it was catchable.

Good command centre call . Let them play warts and all .


someone needs to fix the lens from the 70's on that one shot it looks like the fog Rolled in .

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...and it wasn't the DB......he knew what route to run......

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That's a much better way to get the ads in. Use the natural breaks in the game; don't create more breaks just for ads.


more of those type of ads please they are effective and look good .

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Don’t know about you guys out East, but after overturning the DPI,in Manitoba we lost the feed until just now. Another emergency alert regarding those murdering psychopaths that apparently haven’t been caught yet.

Ahh the panel.....Someone tell Milt the Ticats are leading in time of possession please.

Pretty much did. Lots of really small drizzle

It does look dark there .

That one shot Looks like the end of the playoff game at exhibition stadium when Theisman was QBing the Argos .

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We didn't lose the feed here. Sure hope they're caught soon.


I think Toronto got robbed of a TD on a blown call as receiver wasn’t touched. Don’t think that can be challenged though as they didn’t let the play run out.

...and again....that was a fumble....

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Another major break for the Ticats on an obvious fumble. Why don’t they let the play run like they do in the NFL?