2022-09-05 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6260)

Toronto Argonauts

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Game time is upon us. Who is following live today?

Yup - got my previous channel set up to the Jay's Orioles and ready for Labour day.

Already did all my labour for the day too.....

Despite all else - having Ottawa win the last two strait has to provide a lot of motivation for these teams today....

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Nice start!

Hope they don't let up like Sask did.


Newman throws a nice ball. If he gets time today he could do some damage.

A lot of what the Riders did was take dumb penalties to snuff out drives.....

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True . . . and of course the Bombers being the Bombers played a role in the outcome as well.

But these Cats are not the Bombers, so I'm hoping the Argos don't let up.

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Sucks after that nice pick up by Ouellette.

You would thing receivers would see the defence running tip drills and figure out if its marginal tip it down not up......

Yep. Big pick 6 to put the Ticats right in it. It looked like the Argos had a chance for some separation until then. Bede missing another one. It seems these two teams always play each other relatively close.

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Looking like keystone kops out there now.

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Phew. Cats were starting to roll. Hope this changes momentum.

I do like the labour day OK tire quick style ads .

They certainly needed that.

Maybe if they changed out of their pajamas at the half they would do better. Iā€™m guessing the same person designed the Bombers third uniforms we saw a few weeks back.

Newman had lot's of time but did not look confident checking down early .

What was that?!

Man, MBT was having such a good drive, and then--