2022-09-05 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Calgary Stampeders (6261)

Edmonton Elks

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One more Labour Day game left. Hopefully Jones lit a bit of a fire under the Elks and they can at least make a bit of a game of it today.


I hope so but I fear that this game might be just as bad as the last one.

Let's hope not....

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Well...got a stop from the D....

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Nice shank. Let’s see if the Elks can take advantage.

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Can't wrap up tackles either...

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No weddings for Korte this weekend?

If this game gets out of hand I’ll be moving on. Too much football already this weekend to watch more bad football.

Wow, Carey dead in the water in the backfield and instead of tackling, let’s throw a couple body checks and see how that works. Can see a few more cuts and acquisitions coming tomorrow.

Sara! Sara!

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Must have picked up the flag....

Team oblivious calling the game today.....we would much rather have to look it up in the online play by play.


If you’re referring to the apparent No Yards on the Edmonton punt I hope so.

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Wow....Elks get a touchdown....they need to kick the plug out more often....


Like the old commercial. You have just seen a triple play…

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Lawler getting hurt may actually help. Taylor 5/5 so far...ok 5/6

How is that not an incomplete pass? Have only seen it live but that looked like a throw.

Edit. Seeing the replay good play by Calgary.

And the old “ass fumble recovery” rule rears it’s ugly head. Only this time it was a swat recovery. When will the CFL realize that a “recovery” needs to involve possession.

As I say that, Konar swats away a pass on the next play. How is that not an interception?

Where the hell has this been all season???

Should be same as NFL.....

That and shoving a guy in the nameplate from behind isn't a bad block now days either.....


Based on this ludicrous rule I would suggest that if the kicker makes a practice swing on a field goal attempt and the ref believes it would have been good had he actually kicked the ball, that the field goal should count.

Well - that's making up for an early mistake....

Maier not looking too hot today......

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