2022-09-04 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6259)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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Will begin with

hope it will not be the very long and sad game i have predicted.
Going to a friend's for an BBQ and refreshments and and a very large 4 k TV outside ... would be such a shame to waste all the chicken wings I am making for a blowout loss... there will be one Bomber fan present that we may have to sacrifice to the football gods at half time...but that remains to be seen if we actually do it. In pinch we would find a stamps fan if we need to do that half time thing

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Rider01.1 I agree....Go Riders!

I think it will be a defensive struggle but both Defenses will get worn down by the "stupid hot" temps. This is July heat and not September heat. If the Riders stay close they can win. The records mean nothing for the LDC.

On a different note, yesterday, I saw a number of young BB fans (all males under 30). I helped them find a store to get ping pongs balls. ( For the life of me, I cannot imagine why :wink:). These were the nicest and politest BB fans I have ever encountered. I did notice that one of them was wearing a Drew Willy jersey and this got me to thinking that the BB have quite often picked up ex-Rider QBs. In fact the QBs for their last 3 GCs were previous Riders.
Thoughts Maaax?

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I know its frowned upon, but Im going to repost my game prediction fron the other thread here... now that I've sobered up from last night, I still stand by my words. :beers: :rofl:

Naah ! Still drunk . LOL

our loss their gain

We felt sorry for their 30 year drought and decided to help them out?
Now if only they would return the favour and ship us some iffensive linemen

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I know we're going to get a lot of this during the game today:

But I hope we also get some of this afterwards:

Why doesn't anyone (not talking just about you here Narles) ever talk about offenses getting worn down? It's always the defense is tired from being on the field so much, why do we never , ever her about tired offenses? :thinking:

Because people they know the game know a D will tire more than the O they oppose

Unfortunately, the only way the Riders have a chance to win this game is if Collaros does not play. Enter Marino. Enough said.

Defenses have to run and move a lot more than offenses do. The key players on offense do not have put out as much energy every play and the offense know where the play is going. It is easier to pass block than to pass rush for example.

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After decades of watching football I'll probably kill myself laughing if I hear someone say "That offence must be really tired by now, they've been out there most of the game" :grinning:

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I think its more that you guys like to run them out of town!
Just don't bring up Durant....

Sounds like fun!
A 4K TV don't mean anything if TSN doesn't show it on the 4K channel. They often don't which is frustrating, but I'd hope this game will be!

I do think most opposition fans have some uneasiness about a rabid Marino taking out their QB.

Nevertheless I think the chances of Sask winning this afternoon’s game without any heinousness by Marino are 50/50. I have seen many years where the Bombers come into the LDC having had a vastly superior season to the Riders to date, just like this year, and still lose. Today's game is anyone’s to win, in my opinion.

I always look forward to this game and the Banjo Bowl the following week. The two best fan bases and usually the two best attended games of the year. The best rivalry in the league as well. Both games sold out again.

They showed them all on 4k earlier in the year until you posted about it recently. Now they have been showing them again. They better show today’s game. It’s not like we are up against the Super Bowl with the halftime show being The Rolling Stones and the pope who plans to resurrect Jim Morrison. Even then, they should show today’s game on the 4k channel.