2022-09-02 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Montreal Alouettes (6258)

Ottawa Redblacks

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I'll be rooting for the Redblacks again , masochist that I am. The best we can get out of the East will be a turtle derby, but we need the standings to stay close even for that. RB win, TO loses would mean only 4 points between first & last. Redblacks go on a tear they could finish first. :rofl:


[quote="PorkyPine, post:2, topic:80590"]
...I'll be rooting for the Redblacks again [/quote]

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

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Got your airhorns ready?

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Marshall Ferguson will be calling the game. Probably with Duane Forde?

Is this the first East game where BOTH teams are coming off a win last week?

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I don’t know but you would think it would have to be.

Ottawa D steps up.

Now hoping Arbuckle has finally found a home. Anxious to see what he can do.

It sounds like air horn central again.

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My rooting interest tonight when I can catch some of this action a bit later at work is for selfish entertainment value.

As my Elks have been on both sides against these opponents, may it be a fun game.

And if Dominique Davis is in there to throw the ball, we'll be treated to another spectacle of the lost legend of short-lived quarterback Ron Burgundy before he became a Hall of Famer in broadcasting.


Lucky Montreal....they get the french speaking ref more than any one else.....

You know my feelings about his competence. Let’s hope there are no goal line fumbles this week.

Has anybody said how much longer until Masoli gets back? Its been what 8 weeks?

Found video on the RB site, sounds like he's started rehab - hope it goes well.....


Impressive drive by Montreal, especially on the ground. 10-3 Alouettes.

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Nice drive. Variety of plays called. Also great to see Philpot back from that huge hit a couple weeks ago.

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You can tell TSN this is the first game I've just turned off and I won't be watching another one from Montreal. I'm not going to watch it on mute and I'm sure not going to listen to that horn ever again.


Also note - everyone's chin straps have changed to the same as the NFL uses and I have only seen one helmet on the field so far tonight....

Happy Labor/Labour Day weekend to all of my fellow CFL fans/friends.
Go Bombers!