2022-08-27 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Edmonton Elks (6257)

Ottawa Redblacks

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Elks are starting 10 Canadians??? I am befuddled, can someone explain.

They must feel it’s there best players I would imagine.

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Is Tre Ford healthy

still on 6 game injured list . shows Beaudry national backing up at QB ?

Yup. Ford is still on the 6 game.
Beaudry is a 6'7" 260 pound QB from Saskatchewan. Really a development guy but likely behind Locksley if there was an injury to Cornelius.

...and for the first time day since the beginning of July.....rain, and it's 16 C, which has been a nighttime low if we were lucky for the last month.


Arbuckle up!

I gotta think that Nick will have a little extra motivation this game to show Jones that he shouldn’t have summarily dismissed him. We’ll see.


10 minutes to game time & only 6 posts here. Doesn't sound like a lot of anticipation for this game, does it? Who knows but what we'll have a good game here. One can only hope. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Yeah not the first time I’ve seen this. I’ll be watching and following. I’m sure there will be a few more.

Love Rod Smith’s “positive spin” on the game.

The winner will be within 4 points of a playoff spot.

Andre Proulx sighting! :japanese_ogre:

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Extended preseason and try outs for next year?

A game with the playoff ramifications to match his officiating skills.


First game in a while with the wind possibly a significant factor.

And the best receiver in the league snares a beauty!

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Nice grab by Lawler.....

Castillo kicking into the tough end of the stadium to kick into....wind swirls off the upper deck....

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And Proulx mystifying the crowd for a few minutes. More to come…

..,and TSN doing it’s part in this game of Clue.

I think command centre finnaly asked "WTF are you doing Andre?"

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Arbuckle anything but sharp so far.

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Some of it is the wind direction today.....gonna make some passing difficult. Gotta zip those passes in today....

It won’t get easier against the wind. He looks a little deer in the headlights to me. It’s early, but all Edmonton so far.