2022-08-26 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. BC Lions (6256)

Lions not missing a beat. Man I miss Lucky Whitehead. Glad to see him succeed in this league.


Don't like that decision. When it works its good when it doesn't you hand them field position and the ball.....

Riders O Line looking bad again. Fajardo scrambling a bit on every play... vs 3 and 4 man rush

Bc d looking good - O’Connor should get lots of reps tonight - wish this game was a little earlier somehow - 11pm here

Looks like Maas actually learned something. Rolling Fajardo out more. If D Linemen are chasing him anyway, at least make them run farther.

Absolute BS RTP. Clean hit, not late, shoulder to body. Textbook hit

Gotta disagree. In no football league can you pile drive the QB into the ground like that. That rule was made after Aaron Rodgers got knocked out for the season on a similar play. Textbook RTP.


I'm gonna disagree with that RTP call. There's no penalty for hitting too hard, and that's what it really reeks of. It wasn't late, it wasn't high, it wasn't a penalty.

Great concentration on baker

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I am a lions fan and I have to say that RTP calls like that against sask are why the CFL is considered bush league now and has dropped. Hell stadiums are smaller crowds are smaller and teams are putting both teams on the same side line in all eastern cities and BC just to make a couple bucks on crappy advertising yet it makes them look like kids football. But then the league has being going that way with the stupid rule changes in the last 10 years. Seem Winnipeg can have teams on both sidelines and still have advertising but the other teams are to stupid to be able to do it. People want to know why the NFL is so popular? Because they don’t do stupid shit like the CFL does. The CFL was far better and had far better QB’s back in the 80’s and 90’s. And a far better product.

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Sayles still tipping throws he should be knocking down eh?

I'm gonna disagree with this also. The NFL also struggles with the roughing the passer penalties, and their officiating in general is also scrutinized heavily. The NFL is so popular because Fantasy football is a massive industry in itself.

It wasn’t any of the things you say, but you can’t pile drive the QB. He could have cranked him but not wrap him up and slam him to the ground like he did. RTP all day every day.


What’s next for the CFL? Allowing women to be in the teams lol if they did that you may as well fold the league as hitting would be gone and it would be flag football. The league can’t even expand for Christ sake they keep doing something to screw themselves over hell the US expansion in the 90’s was only to do a cash grab and was never allowed to work.

Its football, not girl's tiddely winks. BS call

I prefer not to see my QB get body slammed when he doesn’t have the ball (and neither of these teams are my team). Even if you prefer the opposite, it’s a rule and was called correctly.

There's no rule that prohibits women from playing in either the CFL or NFL. I don't think it's completely impossible that we could see a Women punter or kicker eventually. Obviously they'd need to be good enough to make the team on their own merits, but there were videos recently of former USWNT player kicking 50+ yard field goals in NFL practice.

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Touchdown Saskatchewan. We have a game!

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Terrible all around result there for BC. The injury to Lee looked a lot like Houston’s injury for the Bombers last night.

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Best throw Cody has made all year. Hit him in stride, good footwork. Hopefully he can find a groove

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