2022-08-26 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto Argonauts (6255)

Boy, the Argos and Ticats defenses are really upstaging the defenses we saw last night.


And Evans returns the favour with a curious throw. That could have been a pick 6. One Ticat in the middle of 5 Argos made the tackle. The returner ran right into him.

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That or the offences are underperforming :thinking: lol. Both Defences have come to play today.

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Especially considering the top level QB’s in tonight’s game.


Hmm, yeah that might be a factor, too.



Well predators actually do like to prey on the weak & frail....

I thought that maybe that was implicit in your post. Those were two pretty good defences last night after all.

Yes. Tonight's game is a noticeable step down in quality . . . so far anyways.

Thinking that was expected but it can still be entertaining.

I think we see Shiltz start the next drive for Hamilton.

I get that it’s hard to hold on too the ball while trying to make a play but 2 turnovers on 2 drives will get you benched for a bit.

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I liked that play. Go Argos!

Dane up to his old fumbling tricks. It’s Miller, er Schlitz time!


A good example of how not to field a punt.

It looks like that will be the case.

..and how not to throw a punch....

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Yeah. I think that was a 25 yard penalty to boot ( pun intended).

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Argh. This will probably be the Argos biggest gate of the year, and so far they're not doing much on the field to convince fans to come back.


Touchdown Ticats.

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Shiltz is looking more and more like "the" guy in Hamilton. Nice drive.


They’ve squandered some good field position and turnovers so far.

Your changing avatars are making me dizzy. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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