2022-08-26 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto Argonauts (6255)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Seems like weeks since we've had a QEW rivalry match:

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That Tiger won't eat Banks. Not enough meat.

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I seriously doubt this game will rise to the level of last night’s gem in Winnipeg, but I’ll be watching nonetheless. Seems to me whichever team does the best job of getting out of its own way tonight will come out on top. Argos have to find a way to finish once they get to the red zone. TiCats have to find a way to finish the fourth quarter without getting torched. Wouldn’t be surprised if this game ends in a tie!

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Thought I would bump this just before kickoff before the inevitable duplicate thread appears.

Ticat fans will largely follow this on their own thread I expect as per usual. Anyone else watching and posting tonite?

Listening to the game over the radio but should be posting on and off.

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Definitely watching the game. May post something afterwards.


Big question for me - will Hamilton follow through with the running game for a second game in a row?
When they have ground game they have a chance - if not the QB gets pummelled all night.

I find it next to impossible to pick Tor/Ham games and especially Hamilton games. I think I have been wrong on their games to win 3 times and to lose once or twice more. I therefore picked TO tonite because I’m pissed at Hamilton for killing me in the pool, but I couldn’t tell you who will win this one.


They always seem to be won more by good luck than good game management.....


Hamilton driving early.

And it’s 3-0 Cats after that drive.

Hamilton vs. Toronto..
The Battle for the QEW.
Go Bombers!

Well done by Toronto.

While an interception is good, that was 2nd down. Why not knock it down and at least have a chance of a return on a punt?

Poor Marsh Ferguson. Gets a rare play-by-play call which is totally exciting but gets saddled with laconic D. Forde as his color man!
Guess Marsh can't get Dunigan whenever he wants?

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Theory of a football?

Always take possession vs. give other team another down!

Been like that since time immemorial although some coaches would no doubt prefer a 50 or 60 yd pick be a knockdown.

Pity! You can decline a penalty against the other team but you must accept the results of an interception.

Welcome Dave! Let’s hope the game doesn’t look like a traffic jam.

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Toronto D comes up big.

Now the offence needs to put up some points.