2022-08-20 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Montreal Alouettes (6252)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Alouettes gotta get on top of their weekly game of marketing!

This is all I could find on FB


Simoni is out, bad news for the Cats, good news for my poll picks. I wonder who's going to be changing their pick before game time?

I hate it when I feel obliged to pick my team in the pool due to logic. :smiley: Saturday will either be amazing or horrific, no in between, lol.

And Addison is done for the year. Ciante Evans and Rolle also out. Dane Evans listed as third on the depth chart. I’m not changing my pick. If Montreal can’t win this at home with the momentum and confidence they should have earned last week, they should just pack it in for the year and work on getting better for next year.


Hamilton’s IR list

Could be a solid turnout. 20,000+ tickets reportedly sold.

How many airhorns??


Well, they said they were taking the issue seriously after all the complaints last time . . . so probably zero airhorns, right?


:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Als depth chart


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Nice run by Philpot of 22 yards to start the game.

Nice underthrown duck by Harris for the IT on the goal line and a 47 yard return.

Harris - they gotta quit with the deep ball with him......

Nice ST tackle!

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Finally a notable play from last year's #1 pick, Burt.

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Interesting choice to go for the touchdown - but I like it. Turnover leaves Harris throwing from his goal line.

Get you a great change in field position....

I didn't like that call, but it's looking better now despite not getting the TD.

Hope Burt is not injured. He'd just made his most impactful play.

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