2022-08-20 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Toronto Argonauts (6253)

Calgary Stampeders

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great site for our great canadian game argosssss

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Here we go with the last game of the weekend. Let’s hope it’s not as sloppy as the last one.

And Dunigan makes his first appearance of the weekend.

Good start by Calgary.

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An easy and quick 3-0 Calgary lead.

Should be able to figure Toronto's place in the power rankings out this week. They are a bit of a mystery so far this year - at times good at times brutal.....

Agreed. Moving the ball well on their first drive. Let’s see if they can punch it in.

Holy mother of god what an int

McFadden gets burned early. Still waiting to see why he beat out Decoud or Collins, on ability anyway. Must have been other reasons. IMO

When I saw where the ball was headed I thought it had IT written all over it.

That hand off was kind of a waste

Too much hugging for me just go with the handshake .

Coxie had a step on that deep pass. Sure miss Ricky Ray who could have dropped one in there. MBT is what he is.

It's WOODSTOCK tonight

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Tough break for Oueliette. Got to protect the football. Remember watching him with the Ohio Bob Cats and Nathan Rourke. They said he had 4.4 speed. Don't about that but he is a tough little runner. He and Leake could be a good 1-2 punch going forward. We hope.

Is it me or is Matt Dunigan turning into the spitting image of Don Cherry?

I usually don't bother with the panel discussion so I've just noticed seeing a shot of the commentary team?

I’ve always found him to be a bit that way, minus the racist comments and the everything was better back in the 60’s in the AHL shtick.

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