2022-08-19 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6250)

Edmonton Elks

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Battle of the Titans (ok, I'm just being nasty, but it's better than calling it the Toilet Bowl)

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It’s da battle of the wood saw!



I just don’t know if the trainer would approve of shower shoes aka sandals on the hoops concrete court …..

I don’t think the front office marketing department approved those roll up, blue jean shorts, either.

They are supposed to be pumping that mossy oak, Browning Elk merchandise in public!

Is this
a gamebreaker from the slot …..

He’s got da visor!

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Well done on posting the Edmonton graphics, Tex . . . but you missed one from a few days back:

Well - this has to be the START OF OTTAWA'S PLAYOFF PUSH!

..and for the Elks...Stop the Stupid Penalties..........please......


Ottawa/CFL marketing department must not be very intuitive by saying this game is the
“End of Summer Bash”
Support Pride

I just gotta see that RedBlack chain saw guy!

But I’m rooting for the Exterminators!

F$&@@(@@ TSN didn’t show him

This play by play announcer is definition of monotone

Second week in a row a penalty on a kick cost them points.

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Ban chain saw loggers?!!?

Haha it’s like a good ad for flatulence!!


That was a whole series of penalties.....

Nice run for the first down by Cornelius but he sure got cranked. They won’t want that happening all game.

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That Chris Jones sure is a helluva of refried beans

Sandie can take it!


That was a helluva of a crunch!
And I haven’t even broke out the cantiña tortilla chips!

Sergio Castillo is a cool brother

Somebody kick Konar in the ass and tell him the game started.....