2022-08-13 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Calgary Stampeders (6248)

BC Lions

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The Lions 6-1 will be looking for their 4th consecutive win versus the Stamps 5-2 in Calgary for Week 10's "marquee matchup" :star_struck: The key for Stamps is will their secondary contain the best receiving core in the CFL. :thinking: Both teams will be without their starting running backs. :question:

The Stamps need BLM and his receivers to abandon their conservative offense and be willing to throw the deep ball as often as possible. :exclamation:

My personal message to Coach Dickenson is "Don't be afraid to pull BLM if he continues to struggle(No TDS in previous 2 games) :bangbang:

IMHO the key to beating the Lions is to jump on them early and often.

Da Bombs pressured Nathan Rourke like a swarm of bees after cartoon bear dressed as a flower. The only time Rourke did any damage at all was when the pressure eased and he was able to find his footing. But that didn't happen until after the first quarter when BC was already down by three touchdowns.

Meanwhile on Offence it was bombs away and for the first time this season BC's defence found itself back on its heels and stayed there until the game was out of reach.

Relentless pressure and aggressive playcalling is something that the Lions have only faced ONCE this year. And they lost that game... badly.


Our secondary WILL NOT match head-to-head against the BC receivers so yeah the key is to get pressure on Rourke early and often…

And score a bunch of points the other way…


I don’t think any team is worried about BLM and his ability to go deep any longer. I question whether he still is a threat in that regard. I have long been a proponent of Maier. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him tonight.

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This is definitely rising as a legit thought, that Bo who used to toss bombs all day long is turning into Ricky Ray who in his later years was the master of the dunk pass but could not hit a WR down the sidelines…

The team has talked for two games now about reigniting the deep threat, and nothing, sputtering…

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BO knows!

Calgary for the win tonight!!

7 hours 43 minutes until B-Day!!!!

BO may have to break out the Katy I playbook for tonight …..

Killer BC Stampeders on the swarm!

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BC will not be able to out trash talk us too :wink:

Winnipeg is out practicing …..
A little EPL & Bundesliga…..


Good comparison between Ray and Bo. Age and injuries take their toll on all athletes.

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After 27 yrs of season tickets, I have watched great QB's here in Calgary. I have lost faith in BLM. He seems to have lost confidence or just lost his mojo. disinterested etc. DD must pull BLM when necessary. Maier is rotting on the sideline.


No! No!!!

I’m making a phone call …..

This Maier kid does sound interessant

From the Lions perspective this will be a defining game for the rest of the season. If they win this game, they have a chance right now to try and compete with Winnipeg and challenge them for 1st overall and direct the narrative to will this be the changing of the guards (experienced QB who has done amazing the past few years vs the rising young star, who will take it). If they lose this game, it will give Winnipeg the lead back in the standings, allow Calgary to tie the Lions in the standings and then the narrative will be BC vs Calgary for 2nd place in the west and who will host the semi-final. It will be an exciting game.


I would say that your take is accurate. If the Lions lose they will be two games behind Winnipeg because they are down one in the season series. They will have to beat Calgary 2 out of 3 games and win both remaining games against Winnipeg to stay in the hunt for first place, something Calgary cannot realistically achieve unless the Bombers collapse, which is unlikely. I hope they do beat Calgary and I expect that they will.

Welcome to the forum by the way.

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Just bumping the game thread minutes in advance of the game before a computer generated duplicate thread causes confusion.

Here’s hoping that the Game of the Week lives up to expectations.

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And an early Stamps fumbled punt return…

good run back to make up for the fumble

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Game updates already?

Going dark.... thought it was a 6:30 start....... speak at all y'all tomorrow, everyone enjoy tonight's games

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