2022-08-12 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6247)

Toronto Argonauts

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This rather dismal season for the Cats is not the result of bad luck or player injuries but of poor judgement by coach Orlondo overestimating the potential of an offence that is proven to be ineffectual. The fate of this offence was determined in the off-season by the esteemed coach. It will be fascinating to see how he digs the team out of this hole, in which he is to blame because only he can build a better offence.

On the other hand, the defence is strongly reminiscent of the glorious sixties. Orlondo gets the full credit for his keen eye in selecting defensive talent.

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he should have been shown the door after his coaching lost Hamilton the Grey Cup.



I don’t think this Butler kid Schiltz can do it at QB.

Haha the “esteemed coach”

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I’ll have to work better on uploading these lineup data sheets. They got a wee bit truncated

Argos start off with a delay of game on KO

Harris is tough. Ex Raiders JR

Lawrence Woods, All CFL PR


That's what that Schiltz reminded me of as well, but first it was the old horrible and cheesy Schlitz Malt Liquor ads with the bull breaking through at the end.

There I was a young kid trying to make sense of things, and the only thing I thought was cool was that part.

Check out one example - classic groups but wow this is awful:


Don Jackson needs to have a big game

Love that throwback advert

TigCats Howsare and Wynn come in with 5 and 4 sacks from left side of that D Line with Kelly at SAM with 3 INTs and 2 sacks.

REs Smith - 1 sack, Davis - 2 sacks
RDT Oakman - 3 sacks
LDT Hendrix - 1 sack
LDE Ray - 3 sacks
RLB McManis - 1 INT, 2 sacks

Smith with INT

Oh well no luck on the Pirate Sports Network tonight. They mailed it in for the weekend already perhaps, for the feeds go to TSN1 on which World Junior Hockey is featured.

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#16 Speedy B on lead interference for Argos Red Zone QB Kelly to run in the TD.

8-3 Argos 1st

As Dunnigan says,

Good thing I didn’t subscribe yet to the Jean Laffite Sports Network

They better not show the Canada Jrs after party

Schiltz is heating up.
“Moving the Cheetos!”as Dunnigan stated

Terrible roughing the passer on a McMannis sack on Shiltz. Challenges and picked up.

McMannis is a beast with 1 INT and now 2 sacks
He is a Memphis, Tennessee lad

Oh! OHhhh!!!
Andrew Harris RB Argos
Leaves the pitch

Tiger Cats FG
6-8 2nd

AJ Quellette, new Argos RB hits for 25

Argos 11-6 2nd after a FG.

Make sure to comment on the Andre Proulx Appreciation Thread

Tiger Cats Smith with his 2nd big catch & Don Jackson slashes a run draw for another first down!

INT in the end zone on a deep middle throw to Carnell but a pass interference called for the hometown Hamilton to survive: alive !

Jamie Newman punches in a rushing TD off the left side

Last week in Montreal because of that horn, this week because of Dunnigan. I hate watching the game on mute.

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It’s the atmosphere! Haha

14-12 TigerCats after a 2 point conversion pass

How does Dunnigan know Adrian’s wives and daughters from 1997 Grey Cup?!!

He played in Hamilton in '96....

Every time they say Don Jackson's names I think of the other Don Jackson....

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CFL is definitely full of a diverse group of characters