2022-08-06 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. BC Lions (6245)

Edmonton Elks

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The first 2 games of Week 9 went to the road teams-Bombers-Stamps. The next 2 will go too the home teams- :anchor: 's & Lions. The only way my Elks upset the Lions is if their Defense "tackles much better". This has plagued my Elks/Eskimos for several years now. :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :bangbang:

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If that was put out by Edmonton I’ll give them full credit for having a sense of humour.


That's a 'Lion King' reference... which would make those two guys 'Global Players'. I think Chris Jones hates having to deal with the fact that at least ONE Global Player must be on the game day roster and HE DUMPED THEM. Which is why BC is smiling about their Free-from-Jones Global Nose Tackle and Edmonton is forced to go with three kickers today. :grin:

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Interesting article. Not informing someone that they have been released is just bush. Who does Jones think he is, King? No wait, even a King would have dispatched one of his underlings.

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Mini Sergio Castillo
Appreciation Post…..


Blue Bomber Legend​:tada::tada:

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Love that. Just clicked in my head that it’s from the Lion King. Bold choice by the social team.

New Lions D line flex formation …..

Nice punt by BC!!!!

So a positive note about having the whole house with Covid (and as of Thursday night myself as well) is that I have an excuse for lying in bed and watching TV..Going from game to another. Looking forward to watching the kid QB from BC..
Go Bombers!


Sorry to hear you and your family are sick. Get well. Enjoy the game!

The Elks can hardly afford to start the game with a bad turnover, especially after a nice stop on BC’s first possession.

And BC returns the favour.

Oh Duron Carter. Never leave this league.

Thanks. We are doing well. My wife and I have the anti-viral meds and they seem to be helping. It seems like a sinus infection so far…
Go Bombers!


Just as I was about to post - welcome back Jake Ceresna....

Run stop should be better tonight....

I still have no idea why Jones has such a fascination with Carter....nice to see him F**^ that up right in front of him.


Wow, that fake field goal had great hide the ball and backfield motion, but was too slow to develop for a first down.

Elks D looking good. Need the offence to put up points because B.C will adapt.