2022-08-05 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6243)

Ottawa has been in every game this year so I don’t think the Stamps will pull away easily, if they do it all. Won’t be surprised if it’s close all the way.


Y’all be happy to know,
I got my haircut.

Now I have to see
John Luu

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I agree.

Ottawa is the bee’s knees

Very good

Did Dunnigan coach
Boston Bruins?

Announcers have
Way too much!
Already tonight.

the children

Bo looking a little antzy in the pocket. Has he completed anything over 5 yards yet?

What are y’all drinking and eating tonight?

I got Cabernet Sauvignon,
warming up the oven for some
Tito’s bean & cheese burritos!

2 - 19 to Henry and 11 to Mills....

Ty, forgot the 19 to Henry. I give the 11 to Mills, it was only a 2 yard pass the rest was YAC

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RedBlacks coach has on Middle East camouflage!

But it is just a

I now admit,
I love CFL,
I am

Was that a childhood affliction or a more recent one?

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I just had two feeds going on this game,
A double Dunigan feeds!

Vin Scull(ied)

He only shows up in Montreal and is sometimes referred to as John "Shoe" Lu because he usually wears a pair of flashy shoes.

As far as his hair, I don't know what is going on but I always wondered if he's wearing a birds nest up there.

Maybe one of our expert investigators here tonight with us can chime in on this important CFL matter. :face_with_monocle: :thinking: :disguised_face:

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Thank you,
Lil ole me,

Paolo X
In da haus!

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Geo1000….that’s pretty cool…guy started in 1972…

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Oh my LORD!!!!

That is one of my favorite things ….

Love your style.
Paolo X!

or is that
Captain Dave.

Same shout out!

Y’all kool!


I’ll be having my usual homemade nachos with a diet Dr. Pepper. I’ve already given you credit for your excellent music links, but will add to that for correctly identifying the best soft drink in the world. And the original one in North America at least. Coke and Pepsi still can’t match the formula. I wish I could get it for $2.88 a case! Ray Davies famously said that it “tastes just like cherry cola”.

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Capital DAVE!

Big up!!

That’s illegal in Texas