2022-08-05 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6243)

Haha! Yes! For years I’d make that signal and people had no idea what I was doing.


The Redblacks need 14 points in 1:02. In other words they need Peyton Manning.


Arbuckle threw that just like that Ron Burgundy Dominique Davis, but the difference last night is the defender did not knock it down at the goal line and the receiver caught it on the tip drill.

The bygone Ron Burgundy quarterback style may be catching on folks.

Bo didn't even need 200 yards to pass Smilin Hank tonight.....and not gonna get there.

Stamps have shown a remarkable ability to play down to the level of their competition this year....


It is hard to believe as well as they played up to the Blue Bombers last week though the Blue Bombers were off in their game as well.

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That last interception intended for Acklin reminded me that Acklin now plays for Ottawa.

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And Arbuckle indeed has become Ron Burgundy! It's going around folks!

The Keg is steak house and higher quality

while Montanas is like Applebees level .

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I’ll say the same thing about the Stamps as I have about the Bombers. That is that good teams win when they are not at their best.

I don’t know what to think about Ottawa and their ineptitude tonight, except on defence. They are supposed to be improving but played their worst game of the year. If it doesn’t turn around immediately they will likely be playoff spectators. Replacing LaPo would only make things worse. A better solution would be cloning Masoli.


Yeah, just looked like not enough first team reps for Arbuckle. As a QB you expect receivers to do certain things and it looked like they weren't on the same page in places.

That and changing coaches is a bad idea. He just needs to crack the whip nd look for better execution on offence for next week....


I don't know what's worse, listening to that horn last night or listening to Dunigan tonight. Think I'd pick the horn.

Lapo has a team that always works hard .

I have seen that in his teams . He does get the team to work well together in terms of adhesion and bonding etc .....

But when he was in Winnipeg or Ottawa it seems slow game day adjustments .

Now I give him last years was a right off ; it was not on Lapo .

But I have higher expectations this year as he has a better management team behind him this year .

Would I give him the full year yes but last night cannot be repeated that is not a developing offence .

That game tonight rests with him with proper preparations and managing the game with the tools at hand .

That offence was a fan killer like the last three or four seasons .

At some point you need to see the team turn the corner which I thought happened last week in Toronto .

This was a huge step backwards and at home which makes the step backwards worse .

He has time to get Arbuckle up to speed and have Caleb fine tune his game when he gets an opportunity again . But Lapo also needs to have a game plan that adjusts better gameday if certain plays are not working early .


I agree. That game was a fan killer. Hard for new fans to "want" to come out to watch something so inept. Caleb Evans missed more throws by so much that Ottawa had no chance. I'm surprised he wasn't pulled earlier.

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Calgary Stampeders

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Ugh ... At least Ottawa's defence showed up ...


Would someone please hire a QB for Lapo! Yikes!


You're right Phil.

Ottawa's defence accepted the invitation and showed up but didn't know it was B.Y.O.O. (bring your own offence).


The Same has to be said about the Stampeders. Thankyou Defense and Rene Pardes.

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The Calgary Stampeders snapped a 2 game losing streak in Week 9 versus the Redblacks. :heart_eyes: The Stamps used a strong run game by backup running back Dedrick Mills-16 carries for a 100 yards on the night. :star: The Stamps defense stole the show playing fast all night with a combined 5 turnovers including one pick 6. :bangbang: :canada: :football:

Final score Stamps-17 Dreadblcks-3 Time to say Adios to Coach Lapo :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

Actually I thought Arbuckle looked ok.A bit rusty but maybe should start till Masoli gets back