2022-08-05 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6243)

Calgary Stampeders

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Looks like Arbuckle will be dressed for the Redblacks tonight. I wonder if he'll take any snaps.

Thanks for those awesome pregame lineups with graphics.
I need to print those out as templates for game notation, since I’m an amateur. Missed Alouettes game, and alas,
to some sigh,
America’s Team wins by 15 score!


A little shout out to
The Stamped,


Let's get it done Stamps! To the untrained eye the Stamps are 10 points back of Winnipeg and they might as well plan for a first round bye. Wrong.

We have three games in hand. We win all three as we will and we're 4 points back. Then we play the Bombers. We win again and they're just 2 point ahead.

Get it done - the only team that beats the Stamps is the Stamps (as the last decade has proven).

Announcers for the game will be Marshall Ferguson and Matt Dunigan.

Hoping for a good game tonight, though wouldn't be upset if Ottawa takes this in a close one.
You are aware Winnipeg has already won 2 of 3 games head to head so far. So Calgary needs 11 points to pass Winnipeg

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I dunno, winni beat us pretty good and we had a not bad game…but I agree when playing error free, both mentally and skill wise, this team is tough to keep down. Hoping for a good one…

BLM and his receivers need some long ball completions now, that aspect sucked against the bbs and it’s such a killer play…to not have that threat is huge…especially with no Carey tonight that passing game has to step up now…

This is very exciting for me. Romeo McKnight was a student in my program at my high school. While I never had him as a student, I saw him struggle and grow, both as a player and a person. He’s had a lot of challenges in life but he was focused on becoming a professional football player.
It looks like tonight he’s dressing for the first time. Very happy for him.


Reading this report you would think the Ottawa was 4 - 2 and the Stamps are 1 - 6. Why didn't Calgary just stay home with Dickinson? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That's a big loss for Calgary tonight. Lack of balance, lots of passing plays into (now that Baltimore and Kanneh are back) one of the toughest secondaries in the league in my opinion. They did a great job of shutting down the Argo's last week and giving their offence a lot of chances with the ball.

This will be an interesting game. I think after the win last week Ottawa will be playing a little looser this week and if Evans gets settled in early I think we will see a really good game....


You never know . . . sometimes an injury to a starter is what catapults the backup into a successful career. Let's see what Mills and Logan can do.

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I don't know that the Stamps will do too bad. Carey & McEwen are definetly a big loss but I'm looking forward to seeing Derric Mills. He played great in the Preseason games ! Sometimes the Stamps backup take the opportunity and do a great job.


Check out the retro-inspired helmets the Redblacks will be wearing tonight:


Love the retro look......reminds me of Tom Clements and Tony Gabriel, what was that 1981? That Grey Cup was one of the most gutsy performances I think I have ever seen by any player, Tony, on one leg and still pulling down passes....

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