2022-08-04 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Montreal Alouettes (6242)

They've also never trailed in any game by more than 1 score. 540 minutes of football and always leading or within a TD. Think about it, it's unimaginable but reality. I'm not sure this stat has ever been reached before in a half a season of football.


I'm no expert but I can't figure why Mtl pulled Adams so quickly.
Harris is a pocket passer. It's no secret he gets rattled when he starts getting pressure and hits. Adams mobility would give their offence more options and keep the D more honest.

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Sorry sweetheart yesterday was not your day, let's see if today is.

BTW they're 60 minutes in a game


Have to agree. VA and Khari could catch fire and swing momentum at any time. Just don't have much fear for a Harris led attack. He'll get eaten up next week in WPG.

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He was almost as painful to listen to as those horns.


The horns don't bring in the fans.......the Bombers do!

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That's why Jefferson was brushing his special steak sauce all over Harris at the end of last night's game. Meat's gotta marinate. :smiley: :+1:


Thats kinda creepy Maaax :astonished:

Didn't you just say that Harris will "get eaten up next week in WPG"?

There I was doing my best to quell all those fears that cannibalism was out of control in the CFL when this happened. Sigh. Looks like I have start my campaign from scratch again... after I finish lunch.

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I'm really enjoying team and you may well be right, but being the fatalistic Scandinavian that I am, I think I follow Coach O'Shea's philosophy; 'one week at a time'.

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Don’t call me sweetheart, I’m not your type because I’m male. And with your name called Grant I have to assume you are too.

BTW they’re = They Are. So your comment, “THEY ARE 60 MINUTES IN A GAME” doesn’t make sense if using proper ENGLISH

Your use in your sentence should have been “THERE ARE” Look up the contraction “THERE’RE” and you

Won’t find it in the dictionary as it isn’t a correct contraction. So even your attempt is wrong.

Next week we will teach you more. Have a good day!

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Please everyone, refer to Stampederfan as "Sweetheart" :rofl:


That is an amazing stat…very dominant…

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Dude you brought it upon yourself, at least own it instead of playing spelling cop…


The last time I tried that the radio call was running about three plays behind TV. I can only get CJOB online as I'm so far away. Maybe the timing is better on actual radio.

I believe tuning in to CJOB in Winnipeg is subject to the standard 7 second delay.

I believe it. My problem is that I'm about 600 km southeast of Winnipeg in East Central Minnesota. My only access to CJOB is online via a "high-speed dialup connection. This connection could possibly take up to three minutes to reach me. It's a bummer because I really don't like Dustin Neilson's style. He uses WAY too many words telling me what I already can see for myself. While he's not quite as annoying as the airhorns in MTL, he's in the same Vicinity.

I discovered another possibility that might work for you quite by accident.

I sometimes turn on closed captioning if I am watching a hard to understand every line movie or TV show. Recently I forgot to turn it off and it was on the next day when I tuned into the football game. The typed comments have a few second delay but usually less than radio. Reading the comments doesn’t make them any more insightful, but if one or more of the announcers/panelists voices irritate you this could be the answer.

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Thanks for the tip. I will give that a try. Sadly WPG is not scheduled to be on TV down here for the rest of the regular season. I'll have to see if ESPN+ (online) has it too. It could be a real ear saver!