2022-08-04 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Montreal Alouettes (6242)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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Some interesting bits from the game notes:

This will be the 101st game between Winnipeg and Montreal.

Montreal holds the edge in the all-time series at 50-48-2, and 28-20-2 for games in Montreal.

Since 2014, though, the Bombers hold a 10-4 edge.

Last year, they split the season series 1-1.

As a coach, O'Shea is 10-4 vs Montreal. Maciocia is 4-3-1 vs Winnipeg.


My prediction: Als 52 Bombers 13.

Oh, wait. reverse the score! :grinning:

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It would be nice if they listed the players by position, not in numerical order ... at first glance I thought O.M.G. they want to get Haris killed ... they've moved Matte to left tackle.

I always go to the game tracker - hover over the game on the main page click and go to game notes. It usually gives you the full depth chart, team listing, and injury report.

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The new clock started recently.. bombers won't break a sweat in this one and win huge.

I sure wish the Als' owner would shut his yap on Twitter. I know he is trying to drum up interest but continually predicting a home team victory is giving the Bombers plenty of bulletin board material...as if they need it. :roll_eyes:


I will try that! :smiley:

You think the Bombers, who have won B2B Grey Cups and who have not lost a game yet this season, care about what another team's owner says on Twitter? LOL. If they were that weak-minded, they wouldn't be the powerhouse they are.

Stern is a fan and he's being a fan on Twitter. Last time I checked, he had every right to cheer his team on. And the good-natured back-and-forth with Milt Stegall and the rest of the TSN panel can only help increase exposure for the game.


Had me going for a split second there.

Some writer on 3DownNation (his name is 'Gasson') is stubbornly picking against Winnipeg AGAIN...

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Or you can say that the powerhouse 8-0 Bombers would NEVER be joking with the panel or screwing around with twitter. Whereas the 2-5 Als loves the stuff evidently.

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Well, they sure stood up and took notice when Marcus Sayles said they have a vanilla offense. You don't think O'Shea will mention the owner's constant guarantees of a win? :roll_eyes: Like I said, do they need motivation? No. Will they still use it? Likely.

He's just embarrassing himself. Case in point. "Nathan rourke ? more like nathan Björk , cause I am tired of hearing it , also they both look good in swan dress
talk about how alouette win tonite instead already
Alouette win !"

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In game they have live updates to the play by play, and the box score so you can track receptions, yards gained, penalty's, and all that as well. Great when you are watching the game and want to know completion percentage's, catches and misses by receiver, yards gained by running backs and all that.
Also good for looking up which play someone got fined for because they list the play number the offence occurred on.

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Sounds like he’d be a natural fit here on the forum…


Don't think the transparent promotion by an owner that nobody knows would be anywhere near as "bulletin board" worthy as comments by a former team-mate and on-field opponent in that forthcoming game.

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Y'all need to lighten up. This is a game. Not life and death.

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I have enough trouble keeping up with the game threads.

The way you set it up you seem to be using a computer. I almost exclusively use my phone. Any idea if it works on a phone without a mouse? I find that must things don’t work as well on a phone, such as highlighting and one box posts and bolding.

The Bombers have to lose sooner or later as we all know, but I won’t make any attempts to be the genius of the week and make the call. The injuries and lack of byes and another short week has to catch up with them eventually, doesn’t it?

I also noticed the plethora of gambling ads on your 3DownNation link. They seem to be absolutely everywhere now.