2022-07-31 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Toronto Argonauts (6241)

Ottawa Redblacks

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We'll here's one to get things started.

The "other" battle of Ontario:

RedBlacks need some better play out of their defensive secondary if they want a win today...

Nice start by the RB Defence...

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A nice catch and run by Acklin. Got the RBs 3 points from that play.

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Ah...the inconsistencies of a young QB.... I do like Evans though. He's getting it figured out better every game. They just need to add to the run game.....

It looks like Dinwiddie slept behind a dumpster!
When I look at him it makes me want to scratch!


Just attests to his dedication as a coach....too busy preparing his gameplans to go home for a shower and change of clothes. A real inspiration.


Nice TD for Banks. The Argos have to get him more involved.

Is LaPo thinking at all. Watching Caleb is like watching out local High School team.
Harris should be in there

No Harris on the RB's roster....

Oops Arbuckle.. but just found out he's ill.

Nice. Toronto a little confused by I don't know what there.....

RB's might just win this one....

Figures if it works for Mickey O'Shea it might work for him, too! However, O'Shea is well into his 50s now - and you almost expect the street beggar look. Dinwiddie isn't even 35 - the hobo look doesn't fit him - YET. . . . . could work if he's unemployed after today's sordid ordeal somehow ends

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Two low-level CFL teams fighting for an Eastern Toilet Bowl.
Acklin is best player on both teams and its keeping the RBs ahead.
Looks to be around 5,000 to 6,500 in the stands on a late Sunday afternoon - - - - they'll announce 20,500 to 21,200

Oooh am I going to have to eat Crow re: Caleb ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

He has just looked better and better every game this year. Kudo's to Lapo for bringing him along the right way.

And more discipline problems for Toronto....

I really like Nate Behar - ever since he was drafted. Wished the Bombers had drafted him.
Real problem with Toronto is discipline. Dinwiddie obviously afraid of his players, he's not enforcing anything. Pinball has identified the problem but Dinwiddie not able to adjust or enforce discipline on a wildly undisciplined team.

Andrew Harris was thought to be the kind of player who could help impose such discipline. He's not. IN his early days he was a wildly undisciplined player.
Fortunate he grew up in the shadow of Grandpa Wally Buono. Harris is a great individual player - but don't look to him for character guidance. In fact, look away!



Joining better late than never and just in time to see Toronto lose it several times.

Could Ottawa finally get its first win? It’s looking pretty good right now.

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Must say Evans has played well today. Only one turnover, and its not often Harris looses the ball.

...and that's Toronto's day...bad decisions...

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